Portwell Qseven PQ7-M100G and PQ7-C200 Boards

The Qseven family of embedded system solutions from American Portwell Technology is based on the Intel Atom processor. Their Qseven family consists of the PQ7-M100G (Intel Atom Z5xx CPU module board) and PQ7-C200 (Mini-ITX carrier board). The PQ7-M100G features Intel’s Atom Z510 or Z530 processor and SCH US15W integrated GMA 500 Graphic, and supports LVDS/SDVO and LVDS/VGA dual independent display. The PQ7-C200, based on Mini-ITX form factor, serves as a development kit carrier board to the PQ7-M100G and includes all the necessary connectors, such as VGA and PCI-E x1.

PQ7-C200 Features

  • Qseven carrier board accepts Portwell Qseven modules
  • Intel Atom Z5XX and SCH US15W
  • Mini-ITX form factor for embedded applications
  • Dual PCI interface Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • One IDE channel and Two SATA150 Ports
  • One PCI and PCI-E x1 expansion slot via riser card
Portwell Qseven PQ7-C200 Mini-ITX carrier board

The Qseven features a size of 70mm x 70mm and a power consumption under 12W (+5V input). The Qseven family is ideal for applications in the medical device, industrial control, gaming machine, portable device, and COTS military markets. The interconnection between the Qseven module board and the carrier board is the MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module) edge connector. Common signals between the two boards include PCI Express x1, LVDS, SATA, SDVO, HAD, Gigabit Ethernet, Low Pin Count bus, Secure Digital I/O, SMBus, and I2C bus.

Portwell’s Qseven modules enable devices to work longer hours with less running costs, and can be battery-operated or used in a fanless configuration. The Qseven module board is installed on top of the carrier board for improved mechanical stability. This means a small keep-out zone that leaves more space on the carrier board for additional devices. It also means that the carrier board itself can be smaller.

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