MAZeT MTI08 8-channel Transimpedance Amplifier

MAZeT announced the MTI08 8-channel transimpedance amplifier for sensors that output currents. Each channel has eight amplification stages that can be individually set between 200 kOhm and 25.6 MOhm. The lowest photo current is 20 nA at a signal frequency of 19 kHz. The MTI08 amplifier provides excellent channel synchronicity, high linearity, and can be supplied as a die or in a compact SSOP20 for sensor arrays/rows.

MAZeT MTI08 transimpedance amplifier block diagram

The MTI08 provides eight channels that can be individually programmed via an SPI interface, with eight amplification stages ranging from 200 kOhm to 25.6 MOhm. The lowest input for the MTI08 is 20 nA using the highest amplification stage, with a signal frequency of 19 kHz / 22 kHz. The lowest stage is at 387 kHz / 563 kHz with an input current of 2.56 µA.

Developers can either dynamically adjust the amplification of all the channels together to match the process conditions, or alternatively program each channel individually in INIT mode. The MTI08 also features a multiplexer on the output.

More info: MAZeT