Radicom Medical Dial-Up Modem Family

Radicom Research introduced their Medical Modem family of external and embedded modems for the medical services industry. The small and versatile modems are available in both Serial TTL and the USB interfaces. The support Windows, Linux, and Mac environments. The Radicom Research Medical Modem family is compliant with IEC60601-1 for medical applications. Radicom Research’s USB Dongle Modem is available now. Prices begin at US$69.00 each. OEM private labeling is available.

Radicom Medical Dial-Up Modem with Serial TTL InterfaceAll Medical Modem versions are CCITT and Bell compliant for complete compatibility to existing and future installations. The family is also compliant to domestic and international Telco standards. Versions include 300bps (V.21/Bell103), 1200/2400bps (Bell212/V.22/V.22bis), 14.4kbps (V.32bis), 33.6kbps (V.34), and 56kbps (V.90/V.92). All platforms are available with FAX, voice playback and record, as well as DTMF (SP) tone generation and detection. The models are ideal for applications ranging from system monitoring and reporting to answering inbound calls with voice responses.

Radicom Research Medical Modem Features

  • Medical IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2 certified
  • 3KV dielectric withstanding voltage on select models
  • Works with Linux, Windows and Mac OS
  • RoHS complaint
  • Fax / voice playback and recording
  • Hot swappable USB 1.1, 2.0 interface (USB models)
  • Low power consumption from USB, not line current
  • AT command set support
  • Microsoft CDC compliant
  • Linux CDC-ACM compliant
  • Supports V.92 analog data
  • Supports V.44 data compression
  • Supports remote telephone answering machines (TAM)
  • Up to 56 kbps data speeds downstream
  • Generates and detects DTMF tones in voice mode
  • Line-in use, remote hang-up, extension pick-up detection
  • Automatic format and speed sensing
  • Caller ID type I and II for select countries
  • Line-in-use and connection detection features allow the modem to share a phone line with other equipment, eliminating the cost of a dedicated phone line, allowing field personnel to check status and receive reports on remote facilities and respond to abnormal conditions immediately.
  • Agency approvals: Transferable FCC68, FCC15B, CS03 and CTR21 certifications. IEC60950-1, IEC60601-1, c/UL60950-1 approved with CE Marking.

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