CSR BlueCore BC7830 Features GPS, Bluetooth, FM Transceiver

The CSR BlueCore BC7830 is a GPS combination device designed for mobile handsets. Its silicon size is just 11mm2. CSR’s BC7830 features GPS, Bluetooth v2.1+EDR, FM transmit and receive technologies, and support for Bluetooth low energy all on a single chip. The chip is specifically architected to support multiple radio technologies. BlueCore BC7830 enables handset designers to add GPS functionality to their products for less than a dollar. This figure includes incremental silicon cost as well as the external GPS components required (GPS antenna, associated filtering and clocking components).

BlueCore BC7830 will enable GPS to be added to many mid-range feature phone products where previously the cost was prohibitive. Such low cost, mass market GPS will, in turn, enable a host of Location Based Services (LBS), especially those based on the Push to Fix usage model. For example, geotagging photos/movie clips or using Google Maps whilst lost are highly desirable GPS feature phone applications – with CSR’s low cost GPS solution they can now be available on a whole new segment of handsets.

BlueCore BC7830 also fully supports the forthcoming Bluetooth low energy standard. Because of the small incremental impact in terms of silicon area, and negligible cost of adding Bluetooth low energy to existing Bluetooth chips, the technology is expected to have the fastest uptake of any wireless technology to date.

More info: CSR