Innovasic Semiconductor fido1100 Module Evaluation Kit

Innovasic Semiconductor introduced the Module Evaluation Kit for the fido 1100 Communication Controller. The fido1100 Module Evaluation Kit (MEK) is designed to enable customers to rapidly begin evaluation, test and software development for the Innovasic fido1100 modules – the Embedded Control Module (ECM), the Real-Time Ethernet (RTE) module or the Dual Real-Time Ethernet (DRTE) module.

Innovasic Semiconductor fido1100 Module Evaluation Kit (MEK)fido1100 Module Evaluation Kit Features

  • Evaluation and development kit that supports the fido ECM, RTE and DRTE modules
  • Simplifies integration of fido1100 into embedded applications
  • Enables rapid prototyping of embedded applications
  • Single 5v power requirement
  • Industrial temperature range

The kit features a Dual Real-Time Ethernet (DRTE) module, baseboard, software, reference design, and all the cables required to evaluate the EtherNet/IP solution right out of the box. After simple, basic setup, the module is ready to communicate on the network and with a host processor. The industrial grade module can be mounted directly on another processor board or can be incorporated into a processor board using the reference design.

The DRTE module contains a dual RJ45 connector with magnetics, 2 Ethernet PHYs, 2-port Ethernet Switch, fido 1100 Communication Controller, RAM, and ROM. For evaluation, the module plugs into the baseboard and communicates with a PC via USB. The PC hosts all the development software and tools to evaluate the DRTE module on an EtherNet/IP network.

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