TI eZ430-RF2500-SEH Solar Energy Harvester Development Tool

The eZ430-RF2500-SEH Solar Energy Harvester Development Tool from Texas Instruments is a kit that converts ambient light into power for industrial, transportation, agricultural and commercial applications. The eZ430-RF2500-SEH kit combines Cymbet’s EnerChip thin-film battery technology with TI’s MSP430 microcontrollers (MCU), CC2500 radio frequency (RF) transceivers, and the eZ430-RF2500 development tool. The kit enables developers to build self powered solar-based wireless sensor networks, eliminating system batteries. The eZ430-RF2500-SEH kit is sampling now for $149.

TI eZ430-RF2500-SEH Solar Energy Harvester Development TooleZ430-RF2500-SEH Content

  • Two eZ430-RF2500T wireless target boards
  • One eZ430-RF USB debugging interface
  • One AAA battery pack with expansion board (batteries included)
  • One SEH-01 Solar Energy Harvester Board
  • One MSP430 Development Tool CD containing documentation and development software:
    • eZ430-RF2500-SEH Demo and Source Code, SLAC219
    • eZ430-RF2500-SEH Development Tool User’s Guide, SLAU273
    • eZ430-RF2500 Development Tool User’s Guide, SLAU227
    • MSP430x2xx Family User’s Guide, SLAU144
    • Code Composer Essentials v3.1 Core Edition, SLAC063

eZ430-RF2500-SEH Features

  • Efficient solar energy harvesting module for the eZ430-RF2500
  • Battery-less operation
  • Works in low ambient light
  • 400+ transmissions in dark
  • Adaptable to any RF network or sensor input
  • Inputs available for external harvesters (thermal, piezo, 2nd solar panel, etc.)
  • USB debugging and programming interface with application backchannel to PC
  • 18 available analog and communications input/output pins
  • Highly integrated, ultra-low-power MSP430 MCU with 16-MHz performance
  • Two green and red LEDs for visual feedback
  • Interruptible push button for user feedback

More info: TI MSP430 Solar Energy Harvester Development Tool