NEC EMMA Mobile 1 System LSI

The EMMA Mobile 1, from NEC Electronics, is a system LSI chip for portable devices. The chip processes audio and visual data for portable multimedia players and mobile TVs. The new chip is a multimedia processor that integrates all the functions necessary for playing multimedia data, such as ARM’s high-end CPU core ARM1176JZF-S, high-performance DSP core for decoding digital signals of images and sound, as well as image display functions. Samples of the EMMA Mobile 1 are available now. The sample price of the new product is US30$ per unit. Mass production is scheduled to begin in August 2009 and expected to reach 1 million units per month by 2010.

EMMA Mobile 1 Features

  • Multimedia Content Data Playback
    The chip is capable of the playback and decoding of audio data such as MP3, AAC, MPEG4, VC-1 playback, and H.264 video on a D1 size (720 x 480 dot) screen at 30fps. The integrated LCD controller controls the display of a maximum WVGA size (800 x 480 dot) LCD panel, making it possible to resize D1 size digital content on a WVGA LCD panel. In addition, the H.264 accelerator can encode H.264 at 30fps.

  • Reduced Power Consumption
    The EMMA Mobile 1 features technologies acquired through the development of M2, such as automatic clock control, on-chip power switch technology, and quick recovery technology. As a result, power consumption is reduced by half compared to conventional products. This in turns increases battery life.

  • Built-in Generic Interface
    The chip integrates various built-in interfaces necessary for input and output of multimedia data, such as SD card interface, USB, SPI, UART, PCM, IIC, and NTSC/PAL. As a result, users do not have to install external component specifically for the interface, thereby can reduce the number of parts as well as the package area.

More info: NEC Electronics