ITTIA DB-SQL Database Supports Freescale i.MX Processors

ITTIA released DB-SQL for the Freescale i.MX application processors. The combination of the ITTIA DB-SQL relational database and i.MX application processors is ideal for data-rich portable devices. A free, 30-day evaluation of ITTIA DB SQL is available for i.MX software developers. The evaluation kit contains a complete embedded database library, optional server, and SQL tools.

ITTIA DB-SQL is a lightweight database designed for embedded and device developers. With ITTIA DB-SQL, developers can apply their database experience toward embedded application development.

The combination of ITTIA DB-SQL and i.MX application processors improve productivity and reduce total cost of development. The combination is ideal for PDAs, portable media players, industrial measurement systems, and more. The i.MX family and ITTIA DB-SQL both support a range of platforms such as those based on Microsoft Windows CE and Linux operating systems. ITTIA DB SQL enables developers to easily port their applications and reuse database files on multiple operating systems.

More info: ITTIA DB Lightweight Relational Embedded Database