Chinese Versions of Rabbit MiniCore Embedded Modules

Rabbit introduced Chinese versions of their MiniCore embedded module family. The networking modules now include Chinese documentation, a Chinese GUI for the included Dynamic C development software, and local technical support. Available in pin-compatible Ethernet and Wi-Fi versions, the MiniCore series enables Chinese entrepreneurs and innovators to get to market quickly with new and highly cost-effective products. Less than half the size of an ordinary business card, MiniCore offers users extreme flexibility to easily place wired or wireless network connectivity anywhere in a product.

The MiniCore series is optimized for real-time control, communications and networking applications — such as energy management and intelligent building automation. It features 32 GPIO, 6 serial ports, and a Rabbit 5000 microprocessor. This makes it the most cost effective network connectivity solution available for both networking and control in such a small form factor. With a footprint of only 31 mm x 51 mm (1.2″ x 2″), and at 3 mm (0.1″) in height for the Ethernet version, the MiniCore family provides a rich embedded feature set on an ultra-compact mini PCI Express form factor. The family includes the pin compatible and interchangeable Ethernet RCM5700 and Wi-Fi RCM5600W. Pin-compatible versions that support ZigBee and USB are also in development. Systems developers can easily interchange MiniCore family products to tailor connectivity for any given application.

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