austriamicrosystems AS3693B LED Controller IC

austriamicrosystems (SWX:AMS) announced the AS3693B 16 channel LED controller IC for the latest generation of LCD TV backlighting. austriamicrosystems’ AS3693B high precision LED controller IC manages 16 LED cannels, each with an current accuracy of 0,5%. The high level of accuracy enables the most exact color and brightness control of the LCD backlight currently available. In addition, new features like “reverse PWM” create entirely new possibilities to control different LED segments of the backlighting unit.

The AS3693B LED controller IC helps to build extremely flat LCD TVs with highest possible contrast ratios, resulting in best picture quality. The concept of controlling external FETs and the patented power saving technology which actively regulates the LED power supply both minimize power dissipation in the system. This makes very flat panel designs possible and enables the creation of very energy efficient TV solutions. The AS3693B LED controller IC is especially designed to allow perfect synchronization of the LCD picture and the LED backlight unit in order to realize so called “block dimming control” for outstanding picture quality.

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