End-to-End Wireless USB Solution for Linux and Embedded OS

Jungo and Wisair introduced an end-to-end Wireless USB solution for Linux-based and embedded operating systems used in CE devices. The solution combines Jungo’s USBware protocol software stack with Wisair’s single chip based Wireless USB reference designs. The new offering enables OEMs to embed Wireless USB into non-Windows CE devices (such as set-top boxes, TV sets, smart phones and DVRs). This will result in more options for consumers to connect external devices, including storage units, with a higher throughput delivered.

Jungo’s USBware offers a complete, high quality embedded Wireless USB software protocol stack with a small footprint that allows CE device OEMs to easily incorporate standard USB connectivity into their designs. USBware is already deployed by several Tier 1 hardware OEMs in the market and enables complete compatibility with legacy wired USB products.

Wisair’s WSR601 single chip CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) enables Wireless USB connectivity with an ideal combination of performance, power consumption and cost. The chip, already in mass production, is incorporated in a variety of reference designs (such as the Wireless USB Adapter Set offered by Cables Unlimited).

More info: Jungo | Wisair