WIN PL-10540 and PL-10550 Desktop Networking Platforms

WIN Enterprises, Inc. recently introduced the PL-10540 and PL-10550 desktop platforms for SOHO/SMB network management and network security applications, such as firewall, VPN, anti-spam, anti-virus, and intrusion detection & prevention. The PL-10540 and PL-10550 feature the Intel EP80579 Integrated Processor with Intel QuickAssist Technology. Pricing in OEM quantities begins at $425 per unit for the PL-10540 and $455 for the PL-10550.

WIN Enterprises PL-10540 and PL-10550 NetworkingThe PL-10540 and PL-10550 support 4GbE and 5GbE LAN capability, respectively. E-OEMs are offered a scalable selection of 600MHz, 1.066GHz or 1.2 GHz versions of the Intel EP80579 Integrated Processor. Support for Intel QuickAssist high-bandwidth and low-latency accelerator technology is available on select Intel EP80579 SoC processors. Linux, Windows Embedded XP, and FreeBSD are supported.

The Intel EP80579 Integrated Processor SoC was designed specifically for embedded market segments that depend on long product lifecycles. This SoC has a 45% smaller footprint with 34% lower power usage than traditional 4-chip board-level designs. Integration of the CPU, North Bridge, Southbridge, and security co-processor on a single die optimizes packet processing and enables the reduced-footprint design of the new WIN Enterprises networking platforms.

PL-10540 and PL-10550 Features

  • Platform based on Intel EP80579 Integrated Processor, 600MHz, 1.066GHz, and 1.2GHz
  • 256kb of L2 Coherent Cache
  • EP80579 Processor SKUs available with Intel QuickAssist Technology
  • Compact size: 9″ (W) x 6.5″ (D) x 1.7″ (H)
  • DDRII 400/533/667/800Mhz Memory Supported
  • Choose four or five 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • SATA HDD Support
  • Compact Flash II Support
  • USB NAND Flash Support
  • One USB 2.0 port and one console port
  • Dual Color Programmable LEDs
  • RoHS compliant

More info: WIN Enterprises