Nucleus Platform Media Player Reference Design

The Nucleus Platform Media Player, from Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT), is a multimedia application reference design that enables the rapid development of differentiated multimedia devices such as portable media players (PMP), personal navigation devices (PND), mobile internet devices (MID), mobile phones, digital picture frames and in-car entertainment systems. Based on the Nucleus Operating System (OS), a powerful user interface (UI) engine, and a full complement of development tools, this customizable reference platform accelerates multimedia product development while minimizing memory footprint and development costs.

The Nucleus Platform Media Player reference design exploits Nucleus OS services such as kernel, USB, file system, database, and user interface (UI) to enable the efficient storage, retrieval, playback, browsing and transfer of multimedia content. A complementary suite of development tools – which includes a compiler, on-host simulation environment and on-target debugger – serves to accelerate the process of going from reference design to end product. A fully integrated drag and drop UI design environment ensures that the end product is not only functional but also visually appealing, enabling advanced interface designs – including 3D effects such as fading, twisting and zooming – to be created and tested within hours. The Nucleus Platform Media Player employs an OpenMAX[tm] compliant multimedia framework to facilitate the rapid integration of third party multimedia components such as codecs.

More info: Mentor Graphics