Atmel Touchscreen Controller Technology

Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) recently launched a new line of charge-transfer, capacitive touchscreen controller ICs for mobile phones and other personal electronics. The first Two Touch devices, AT42QT5320 and AT42QT5480, support screen sizes of up to 8″ with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The single touch devices, AT42QT4120 and AT42AT4160, support screen sizes of up to 4.3″ with aspect ratios of 16:9 or 4:3. The AT42QT5320 comes in a 5×5 mm QFN package; the AT42QT5480 is available in 5×5 mm BGA, a 7×7 mm QFN and a 10x10mm TQFP package and also supports up to four user controlled GPO’s. All packages are RoHS compliant.

Atmel Touchscreen TechnologyAtmel’s Two Touch controller ICs can track and report one or two simultaneous touches as separate X and Y positions. Common user initiated gestures, including tap, double tap, flick and drag, as well as two touch gestures such as zoom in, zoom out and rotate are implemented in the touchscreen controllers. This approach allows designers to incorporate a comprehensive range of user interface functions such as resizing and rotation of on-screen graphics, as well as allowing a two finger gesture to replace multiple levels of menu access.

In addition to the touchscreen functions, the engineer can also implement the touch surface as a combination of touch keys and scrolling devices for additional flexibility – this is configurable by the host processor through the industry standard two-wire, I2C compatible interface.

For single touch applications, Atmel offers a unique single layer sensor minimizing the mechanical stack, and improving the optical performance of touchscreen displays. The reduction of scatter and absorption of the available backlight results in improved light transmission, contrast and results in highly reduced power consumption. The AT42QT4160 and AT42QT4120 single touch devices can operate through up to 3mm plastic and 4mm glass panel thicknesses. The devices are available in a 5×5 mm QFN RoHS compliant package.

Samples are now available and production quantities will be available in Q1 2009. Pricing for touchscreen controller devices start at $2.50 for high volume projects.

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