News 2008.12.11 Late Edition

Avnet Electronics Debuts Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF2 Convenience Kit
Avnet Electronics Marketing has released the Intel® Desktop Board D945GCLF2-based Convenience Kit. The new kit features a Dual-Core Intel® Atom[tm] processor, which provides design and development support for use with embedded applications. The Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF2-based Convenience Kit builds upon the capabilities offered by the Intel® Desktop Board D945GCLF-based Convenience Kit — the first board-level Intel® architecture development tool released by Avnet in June 2008 — and offers engineers the ability to rapidly write and test software around an Intel® embedded architecture platform.

Quality Assurance Test Platform for 64-bit Windows
The Corelis Quality Assurance Department has ramped up support for future product releases by creating an enhanced Quality Assurance Test Platform (QATP) environment for expanded support of Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This is to support the growing performance and migration needs of current and new clients using the Corelis ScanExpress product portfolio.