Freescale MPC5674F Automotive Microcontroller

Freescale’s MPC5674F is the latest addition to the company’s growing portfolio of 32-bit automotive MCUs built on Power Architecture[tm] technology. The MPC5674F addresses the automotive industry’s need for precise control of engine events, enabling developers to optimize combustion and tune engines for improved fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions, without sacrificing performance. MPC5674F MCU samples are available now to lead automotive customers.

Freescale MPC5674F Automotive Microcontroller

Manufactured on 90-nanometer technology, the MPC5674F outpaces other powertrain MCUs with its 264 MHz clock speed. This fast performance allows the core to execute more than 600 million Dhrystone instructions per second (DMIPS) – about 10 times the performance level of today’s conventional engine controllers. The MPC5674F MCU’s combination of exceptional CPU performance, advanced signal processing capabilities, quadruple analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and 4MB on-chip flash memory addresses the growing computational demands of green engine designs. These designs include common rail diesel injection systems, gasoline direct injection engines, homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) systems and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

The MPC5674F MCU provides powertrain engineers with high-performance technology designed to reduce the cost and complexity of next-generation green engine designs, including HEV systems.

With its powerful 264 MHz core and 600+ DMIPS performance, the MPC5674F offers the processing power to meet the computational challenges of diesel engine designs. The device’s 64-channel dual enhanced timing units with 30K dedicated RAM are designed to handle complex engine timing events with ease and flexibility.

With its powerful 32-bit core, 64-channel dual timing units, quad ADCs (an industry first for powertrain MCUs), on-chip digital signal processing and 256K data RAM, the MPC5674F offers the performance and functionality to handle complex filtering and calculations for various methods of knock detection. The device’s high level of integration enables engine designers to implement virtual sensors and avoid using separate knock detection ASICs, thereby reducing system cost.

The MPC5647F helps automotive developers meet government-mandated emissions standards by providing 4MB of flash – one of the largest flash arrays available in the powertrain MCU market. This large amount of on-chip flash provides ample non-volatile memory to support computationally intensive modeling environments and auto code generation, without the cost and complexity of adding off-chip memory.

MPC5674F Features

  • Power Architecture core at 264 MHz with enhanced DSP capability
  • 4MB flash memory with fetch accelerator for virtual single cycle accesses
  • 286K total RAM, (included eTPU RAM, our competitors do the equivalent)
  • Hardware decimator leveraging the DMA as an anti-knock filter
  • 64-channel dual enhanced timer processing units
  • Dual-channel FlexRay[tm] controller
  • 64-channel quad ADC
  • 4 x FlexCAN
  • 2 x eSCI, 4 x DSPI
  • 4 x DSPI
  • 64 + 32-channel DMA controllers
  • 416-pin PBGA package

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