Pinnacle XMC-E24D and PMC-E24D Graphics Cards for Embedded Computing

Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. (PDSi) (AMEX:PNS) recently introduced two high-performance dual display graphics cards for the embedded computing market. The XMC-E24D and PMC-E24D are based on the ATI Radeon[tm] E2400 graphics processor from AMD and feature two independent high resolution graphics channels for simultaneous digital DVI-I and analog VGA outputs. The new XMC-E24D and PMC-E24D support applications running in Windows, Linux and Solaris x86 operating systems. Support for other operating systems is available upon request.

The new special-format boards offer embedded system builders the latest 2D and 3D graphics rendering capabilities with exceptional performance and crisp 32-bit color quality even on lower resolution displays. Important applications include virtual reality systems such as simulators, trainers and battlefield visualization as well as augmented reality systems such as targeting, threat detection and graphical maintenance assistance.

Mobile imaging, monitoring and diagnostics, and other military, aerospace, telecom, medical and industrial applications requiring graphical user interfaces are also good candidates for PDSi’s cost-effective XMC and PMC graphics boards. Built to the industry-standard Common Mezzanine Card format, these boards plug directly onto a wide range of compatible computing blades in the special-purpose form factors most regularly employed by these industries – AdvancedTCA® (ATCA), Compact PCI (cPCI) and VME.

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