News 2008.12.04

Concurrent Technologies Announces VX 511/06x VME/VXS Processor Board
Concurrent Technologies announces their first VME/VXS critical embedded product based on Intel’s 45nm process technology and the latest DDR3 memory devices. The VX 511/06x a single slot 6U dual PMC/XMC VME/VXS processor board featuring the latest low power high performance dual core processor from the Intel embedded roadmap – the Intel® Core[tm]2 Duo processor operating at 2.26 GHz or 1.86 GHz. The board supports up to 6 Gbytes DDR3-1066 SDRAM.

Texas Instruments Introduces VLIB Software Library for Video, Vision
Developers of video or vision systems can accelerate their product development with the new VLIB software library from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN). VLIB is an extensible library of more than 40 software kernels that are available now, royalty-free and optimized for TI’s industry-leading TMS320C64x+[tm] digital signal processor (DSP) core. These kernels execute background modeling and subtraction, object feature extraction, tracking, recognition and low-level pixel processing to provide a foundation for video analytics end applications development.

Mentor Graphics Unveils Open Source SystemVerilog Solution for OVM
Mentor Graphics Corp. (Nasdaq: MENT) announced the availability of an open-source SystemVerilog solution for users adopting the Open Verification Methodology (OVM). The solution enables the easy and flexible reuse of legacy Verification Methodology Manual (VMM) code within an OVM environment. VMM-based verification components can now be seamlessly reused within an OVM environment. In addition, entire VMM environments can be reused without modification within an OVM environment through the use of a new OVM/VMM Interoperability library that provides the data and semantic conversions between the old and new environments.

Sunrise Telecom Rolls Out STT 40G Test System for 40G/43G Networks
Sunrise Telecom® Incorporated (OTC: SRTI.PK) announced the latest addition to its STT product family, the STT 40G, a 40G/43G test system designed to verify the performance of new, high-bandwidth synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH), optical transport networks (OTN) and SONET networks. The demand for high-bandwidth applications continues to grow quickly, placing severe demands on service providers to rapidly upgrade their transport networks with 40G/43G technology, while economic conditions require capital expenditures to be minimized.

Synfora Announces Seminar for SoC, FPGA Developers
Synfora Inc., the premier provider of algorithmic synthesis tools used to design SoCs and FPGAs, will conduct a seminar on the morning of Tuesday, December 9, 2008, to show SoC and FPGA developers of video IP how to reduce design and verification time while being able to explore alternative implementations that will let them decrease silicon area and power consumption.

CAST Launches AES Encryption IP Cores
CAST, Inc. announced a new family of AES IP cores that make it easier for designers to include fast hardware encryption in security-sensitive electronic systems. AES – the Advanced Encryption Standard – is the cryptographic algorithm mandated by US government agencies and used extensively to protect data around the world. The new CAST IP covers a range of AES requirements by offering a programmable, multi-purpose encrypt/decrypt core and a leaner pre-configured core with versions optimized for specific applications.