Ocular Crystal Touch Screen

Ocular recently introduced the Crystal Touch. The new touch screen combines the vibrant optical quality of a TFT or monochrome display, the convenience of an easy-to-use capacitive touch screen, and the extreme durability required by demanding embedded applications. Crystal Touch is available in several standard TFT sizes, including 3.5-in., 4.3-in., 5.7-in., 7-in. and customized sizes to meet application requirements. Pricing begins at $22. Volume pricing is available in OEM quantities. Integrated solutions combining both a TFT display and Crystal Touch are also available.

Resistive touch technology often suffers from durability issues in applications because the film is susceptible to marring and scratching. In contrast, Ocular’s Crystal Touch is made of capacitive glass, resulting in a very durable touch screen because it is less susceptible to scratching and to chemicals and other contaminants in the environment. In addition, light is reflected internally in resistive touch screens due to air gaps in its construction diminishing screen brightness and increasing glare. The all-glass, no air gap, construction of Crystal Touch ensures a crystal clear image.

Crystal Touch performs more reliably for a longer period of time than the typical resistive touch screen, which depends upon the flexibility of the film screen to register a user selection. Unfortunately, the pressure applied with each touch to a resistive touch screen can gradually erode the structural integrity of the film and reduce the reliability of the screen. Over time, these same touches can also degrade the optical clarity of the film, distorting the image on the underlying screen. In addition, resistive accuracy drifts over time due to environmental elements and oxidation of the conductive layer. A capacitive glass screen like Ocular’s Crystal Touch registers the user selection from the capacitive effects produced when a finger or stylus touches the glass screen, not the deformation of the screen itself. As a result, Crystal Touch screens have a longer useful operating life and deliver superior optical performance over their entire lives.

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