News 2008.11.25

Kontron Rolls Out Micro Client II for HMI Applications
Kontron announces its second generation of the successful Micro Client industrial HMI: the new Kontron Micro Client II. By focussing on intended use as an industrial thin client including touch functionality for operating and monitoring, the new Kontron Micro Client II provides all the latest features required for thin client oriented HMI applications in a cost-optimized design that includes a modular IP65 protected front panel with touch screen.

Two Operating Systems Runs in Parallel on conga-QA Computer Module
congatec AG has announced the successful testing of its recently launched conga-QA computer module with the new Hypervisor Software 2.0 from Real-Time Systems (RTS). The Qseven embedded PC module, conga-QA, now allows any two operating systems to be run in parallel – independently from one another and with real-time capability – even where space is at a premium.

Avago Announces ACPL-796J Optically Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator
Avago Technologies announced one of the industry’s first optically isolated sigma-delta modulator using an external clock to provide direct measurement of motor phase currents in power inverters. Based on an advanced low power CMOS process, the ACPL-796J uses an external clock that allows synchronized data conversion between the current sensor and controller to help motor control designers eliminate complex design processes in data and clock reading.

Si2 Unveils Power-Aware Design Flow, Low Power Design Documents
Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) has released two documents on Power Aware Design Flows and Low Power Design Techniques developed by its Low Power Coalition (LPC). Both documents are available to the industry on the Si2 web site links as noted below. The first document, “Si2 Power Aware Design Flows,” outlines a best practices approach adopted by much of the industry regarding Power Aware Design Flows and the points in the flow for power closure decisions.

UMC Validates High-k/Metal-Gate Process Solution
UMC (NYSE:UMC)(TSE:2303), a leading global semiconductor foundry, announced a significant milestone for its high-k/metal-gate (HK/MG) technology with validation of the process through 45nm SRAM product yield. This achievement is a first key-step in demonstrating technology performance and process reliability for HK/MG technology, which will be used for UMC’s next generation 32/28nm process.

IDC Expects Slower Growth for Worldwide Services Market
A new study from IDC forecasts that worldwide services spending will grow 5.2% year over year in 2009, down 1.5 percentage points from the previous forecast. IDC estimates that the remaining years in the forecast period, through 2012, will also grow slower than predicted earlier. Services spending will not contract as it did in the previous economic downturn, however the effects of the current economic crisis will reduce spending growth in the services market across the entire forecast period.