News 2008.11.25 Late Edition

Avalue Develops ACP-GM45 Gaming Board
Avalue’s new gaming board ACP-GM45 is powered by Intel® dual-core GM45 technology, supports dual views and offers security components and unique I/O interfaces that gaming systems request, such as CC Talk and JAMMA. ACP-GM45 is a high-leveled Mini-ITX form factor gaming mainboard that features strong expandability and delivers exceptional graphics and 3-D processing functions to provide gaming system integrators a multifunctional gaming platform.

Type 2 COM Express Becoming Standard for COM Express Modules
According to a study recently published by VDC Research Group, Type 2 COM Express has become the flavor of choice for COM Express modules. This research on the Computer-On-Modules (COMs) market, part of VDC’s annual Merchant Computer Boards Research service, found that 82% of all COM Express modules were Type 2 in 2007. The COM Express specification allows for five “types,” differing in connectors and pin-outs.

Verigy Announces V6000 Automated Test Equipment for Flash, DRAM
Verigy (NASDAQ:VRGY) announced the V6000 for testing both flash and DRAM memory on the same automated test equipment (ATE) platform, at breakthrough cost-of-test. The V6000 is versatile and scalable across the entire semiconductor memory test process, including engineering, wafer sort and final test. After competitive benchmark evaluations, Numonyx, a leading manufacturer of a full range of memory technologies, has confirmed its selection of the V6000 for high-volume wafer sort of its NAND devices and known good die (KGD).

Opera Software Releases Opera Mini 4.2
Opera Software released the final version of its much-anticipated Opera Mini 4.2 for mobile phones. Since the launch of the beta version of Opera Mini 4.2, speed trials have shown that this version gives more than 30% speed improvements for users in the US, due to the addition of a new Opera Mini server park in the United States.