Timesys ARM ReadyKits

Timesys Corporation recently introduced embedded Linux ReadyKits for several ARM-based processors. Assembled by Timesys’ Online Linux Factory, ReadyKits enable embedded developers to have a robust Linux platform up and running on their select processor within a few hours — ready to benchmark platform performance or prototype applications. Each ReadyKit comes complete with a pre-built, integrated and tested embedded Linux platform, including all sources. Initially, ReadyKits are available for the Freescale i.MX27, Freescale i.MX31, Texas Instruments OMAP 35x, Atmel SAM9260 and Atmel SAM9263 processors. ReadyKits are purchased and delivered online. Each purchase includes 14-days of technical support and access to a variety of web-based documentation.

ReadyKits are a great way to jumpstart an embedded Linux development. Developers can either boot the pre-built platform within minutes to begin benchmarking system performance, or quickly rebuild the kernel and packages from source to support early application prototyping.

Timesys ReadyKits

  • Atmel AT91 SAM9260 Board: $995.00
  • Atmel AT91 SAM9263 Board: $995.00
  • Logic i.MX27 LITEKIT: $995.00
  • Logic i.MX31 LITEKIT: $995.00
  • Logic OMAP3530 Dev. Kit: $995.00

ReadyKit Components

  • Recent Linux kernel, pre-configured for the given processor
  • Complete suite of device drivers for the associated development kit
  • GNU-based cross toolchain
  • Glibc-based root filesystem complete with select development libraries

More info: Timesys ReadyKit