Zilog Encore! 32 Series Microcontroller

Zilog, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZILG) recently announced the Encore! 32 Series Microcontroller for home or industrial control, connectivity and security embedded applications. The Encore! 32 Series Microcontroller is in production and is available now. The microcontroller can also be ordered with an optional integrated magnetic stripe or smart card reader.

The Encore! 32 Microcontroller is a high-performance 32-bit Reduced Instruction Set Computing SoC solution that incorporates functionality for an integrated memory controller and prominent interfaces such as Universal Serial Bus (USB), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

The integrated functions allow device manufacturers to reduce component count and design rich, new features into their products more quickly and efficiently, making the Encore! 32 Microcontroller an ideal solution for a wide range of embedded applications. These include access control, home and office monitoring and control, multimedia applications, healthcare monitoring, telematics and GPS systems, cameras and universal remote controls.

Zilog has also developed the Encore! 32 toolkit featuring a full board support package with source and sample code and a fully ported Linux environment that can be used for testing and preliminary software development. The microcontroller can also be supported by Keil Software Development Tools.

More info: Zilog