News 2008.11.09

STMicroelectronics Debuts 3-Axis Accelerometers with Digital Output
STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) introduced a new family of high-performance three-axis linear accelerometers with digital output. The tiny 3×3x1mm sensors boast resolution scalability, smart embedded features and reduced power consumption, addressing the exploding demand for miniaturized motion-sensing solutions in the consumer and industrial markets.

WinSystems Introduces EPX855G EPIC Single Board Computer
WinSystems announces their EPX-855-G, an EPIC-compatible, Intel 1GHz ultra low-power single board computer (SBC). Operational over a wide temperature range of -40° to +70° Celsius, it provides an open and powerful platform for management of geographically distributed machinery and sensors used in industrial environments. It has two Ethernet and four USB ports plus four COM channels onboard. It supports 802.11 wireless Ethernet, GSA/GPRS cellular modem, CDMA cellular modem, ZigBee wireless RF modules, and 56Kbph global-compliant dial-up modem.

Korenix Rolls Out JetBox 8220 Industrial Embedded Computer
The Korenix JetBox 8220 is an AMD Geode LX800 500MHz based embedded computer with more system memory, 256MB SDRAM default (512MB optional). It focuses on VGA processing more with increased memory resource, 64MB of 256MB system memory, and built-in TV-out function. In operating system, besides Linux and WinCE, JetBox 8210 also supports Windows XP embedded to provide more user-friendly development environment. It’s a high performance, robust and stable device.

WinSystems Announces PCO-UIO48-G Pico-I/O Module
WinSystems’ introduced the first Pico-I/O module designed for expansion on Pico-ITXe SBCs. The PCO-UIO48-G is a 48-point digital I/O interface with interruptible event sense. An important feature of the card is that it can monitor 24 of the rising and falling digital edge transitions, latch them, and then signal the host processor that a change of input status has occurred. This is the most efficient way of sensing and signaling a CPU of real-time events without the burden of continuous polling of the digital I/O points.

Ethernet Direct Rolls Out OVC Series Industrial Video Converter
Ethernet Direct Corporation is pleased to offer OVC series Industrial video converter rated IP-30 to complement our OWL series solution especially designed for Industrial Video over Ethernet. OVC Video converters are specifically designed for surveillance systems and Industrial control systems that require seamless transmission over long distances. An Ethernet network ensures connectivity of security devices in the surveillance system.

Korenix Unveils JetNet 4010 Industrial Managed Fast Ethernet Switch
The JetNet 4010, an industrial Managed Fast Ethernet Switch, is designed with 7-10/100TX and 3-10/100 RJ-45 / 100FX SFP combo ports. The flexible 3 combo ports offer flexibility for additional fiber connections by plugging different types of 100MM SFP modules, which can support 2KM in Multi-Mode or 120KM in Single-Mode. The combo ports make port combination even easier, such as 8 RJ ports and 2 fiber ports, or 9 RJ ports and 1 fiber port. Publishes Smart Sensors Report
Consistent increase in capital spending by process industries and manufacturers of industrial machinery, growing demand for reduction of downtime and performance enhancement of the machinery are fueling the growth in smart sensors market. A new report available at Publications, Smart Sensors: A Global Strategic Business Report, is projected to reach $7.8 billion by 2015.

MSC Vertriebs Announces EHP-AX08Sxxx Series LEDs
MSC Vertriebs GmbH introduces the new EHP-AX08Sxxx series of 1 watt & 2 watt high power LEDs. The prominent feature of these LEDs is their 360° lateral light emission. The emitted light is uniformly distributed, predominantly at an angle of approximately 80°. The diameter of the LED is 7.5-8.5 mm. The length including the pins is 14.5 mm. Two integrated antiparallel Zener diodes protect the LED against electrostatic discharges (ESD protection).

Elma Introduces 3U MicroSlim Enclosure for MicroTCA
Elma Electronic Inc. has announced a new MicroTCA solution in a 3U MicroSlim[tm] design. The MicroSlim line is geared to maximize performance in a minimum of space. The 19″ rackmount 3U MicroSlim chassis offers 12 AMC (AdvancedMC), 2 MCH (MicroTCA Carrier Hub), 1 JSM (J-TAG Switch Module), 2 PM (Power Modules) and 3 spare slots. There are also 4 HDD slots with SATA connectivity.