News 2008.11.06

Enea Launches OSE Real-Time Operating System, Version 5.4
Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA) announced version 5.4 of the Enea OSE® real-time operating system. OSE version 5.4 adds symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) support for multicore CPUs, beginning with Freescale’s PowerPC-based MPC8641D and MPC8572DS processors. OSE 5.4 also features a new demand pager that supports dynamic load modules, and an enhanced IP stack with IPv6 support. The new demand pager will substantially reduce the BOM cost for applications by enabling low-cost NAND flash memory to be used in place of expensive RAM.

Concurrent Technologies Debuts TP A40/30x CPCI Single Board Computer
Concurrent Technologies introduces their latest ultra low power 3U single/dual slot CompactPCI® single board computer (SBC), the TP A40/30x. The board uses the 1.6 GHz Intel® Atom[tm] processor Z530 and the highly integrated Intel® System Controller Hub US15W both from the Intel® embedded roadmap. With 1 Gbyte DDR2-533 SDRAM this ultra low power board also supports a variety of peripheral I/O ports, CompactFlash, CANbus controller, an optional PMC/XMC module and can operate in a system slot, peripheral slot or as a blade.

Crossware Rolls Out Modular Development Tools for ARM7 Microcontrollers
Crossware, a leading embedded software tools developer, has released a modular set of tools for the ARM7 microcontrollers. Based upon Crossware’s comprehensive ARM Development Suite, the modular system breaks out the components required to support various families of ARM7 chips. This allows developers on a limited budget to benefit, for their chosen ARM7 variants, from all of the advanced features of the Crossware tools.

RPM MPQ-Z8 Programmer Supports Zilog ZLF645 Crimzon Microcontrollers
RPM Systems Corporation announces programming support for Zilog’s ZLF645 Crimzon wireless remote-control microcontrollers. Available immediately, the MPQ-Z8 programmer provides in-circuit programming of all flash-based devices in the ZLF645 Crimzon family. The new Crimzon support is in addition to existing Zilog Z8 Encore! and ZMC motor-control microcontrollers already supported by MPQ-Z8.

Embedded Alley Optimizes Flash Memory Deployment in Intelligent Devices
Embedded Alley, a leading provider of embedded Linux® solutions, announced the introduction of a specialized consulting practice, and accompanying technology and tools to optimize deployment of mobile, consumer electronics and other intelligent systems utilizing flash memory. Flash memory is pervasive in modern intelligent devices, for storage of applications, photographs, multimedia and other content. Available flash technologies, however, can force OEMs to make difficult trade-offs between component costs and device longevity.

Digi Rolls Out Transport Family of Enterprise Class Cellular Routers
Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) introduced the Digi Transport family of enterprise class, multi-function cellular routers. Certified by Verizon Wireless in the U.S., Digi Transport routers feature advanced routing, state-of-the-art security and integrated primary DSL and backup cellular interfaces. The routers also feature synchronous protocol support for retail and financial devices such as automated teller machines (ATMs) and lottery machines.

Innova Systems Introduces SolidWorks 2009
Innova Systems have announced the release of the next version of SolidWorks, the acclaimed 3D engineering and design tool that is now used by over 750,000 engineers worldwide. SolidWorks enables engineers and designers to not only create virtual models of new products, but also can generate important engineering data, extensive analysis and testing data and photo realistic pictures.

Synopsys Contributes Property, Parameter Definitions to IPL Alliance
Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) announced that it has contributed a draft standard for Interoperable Property and Parameter Definitions to the IPL (Interoperable PDK Libraries) Alliance. This contribution from Synopsys significantly advances PDK interoperability by establishing a standard for the critical link between the schematic and layout design data.