Freescale Six-core MSC8156 DSP

This week, Freescale Semiconductor introduced a six-core DSP that delivers 6 GHz of performance and integrates multi-standard accelerators at 45-nm geometries. Based on the new StarCore[TM] SC3850 DSP core, the device is engineered for advanced wireless base stations. Its performance supports the high throughput and low latency requirements of next generation base stations and high data rates attained by the latest OFDMA standards.

Freescale MSC8156 digital signal processorAn onboard multi-standard accelerator works in concert with the six fully programmable DSP cores to support the 3G-LTE, TDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA and WiMAX standards, as well as the symbol rate functionality of HSPA and HSPA+. Delivering multi-standard capabilities on a single platform eliminates the need to redesign hardware for different base station standards, so the device is scalable across macro-, micro- and pico-base station form factors.

The MSC8156 is offered in two versions, based on different core speeds of 800Mhz and 1Ghz. Pricing starts at $192 for 10K volumes.

Features of the MSC8156 DSP

  • Integrated high-throughput Multi Accelerator Platform Engine technology for baseband (MAPLE-B) acceleration to deliver outstanding flexibility and performance
  • MAPLE-B helps the MSC8156 deliver the performance to process the PHY functionality of a single sector of 3G-LTE 10MHz with data rates of up to 144Mbps at the downlink path and 72Mbps at the uplink path with 4×4 MiMO
  • Additional features include 4 Mbyte of embedded memory, enhanced memory hierarchy and cache performance for efficient processing, a configurable L2 cache or M2 memory at size of 512Kbyte attached to each of the six cores and 1Mbyte of shared memory
  • Supports dual 64-bit double data rate (DDR3) external memories at up to 800 MHz and a variety of high speed interfaces including dual Serial RapidIO[TM] x4 ports, PCI-express x4 port and Dual 1G Ethernet (SGMII)
  • Integrates a security accelerator with supports for AES, SNOW-3G, 3DES/DES and Kasumi algorithms to accelerate the MAC functions

More info: Freescale Introduces MSC8156 DSP with SC3850 StarCore Technology