News 2008.11.05 Late Edition

Freescale Launches 16-Bit S12HY Microcontroller Family
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a cost-effective family of 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) designed for electromechanical instrument clusters used in entry-level vehicles – a rapidly growing segment of the automotive industry. The latest addition to Freescale’s expanding 16-bit MCU portfolio, the new S12HY family combines affordable 16-bit performance with the optimal on-chip features for cost-sensitive dashboard applications in emerging automotive markets.

Telit Acquires One RF Technology, ZigBee Solutions
Telit Communications PLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of One RF Technology S.A.S. (“One RF”). One RF is a privately held French company which designs wireless data transmission solutions for m2m and telemetry applications and developed its own ZigBee[tm] solutions that complement Telit’s existing product offering and business.

Freescale Introduces MSC8156 DSP with SC3850 StarCore Technology
Freescale Semiconductor introduces the MSC8156 processor – a six-core device based on new SC3850 StarCore DSP core technology and designed to dramatically advance the capabilities of wireless broadband base station equipment. The MSC8156 is one of the industry’s first DSPs based on 45-nm process technology, endowing the part with performance, energy efficiency and form factor advantages.

Freescale Creates Microcontrollers for LCD Embedded Applications
Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are proliferating in an ever-growing array of consumer and industrial products. To help meet the demand for efficient, affordable LCDs, Freescale Semiconductor has introduced three 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) families designed to reduce system cost and power in LCD-based embedded applications.

Freescale Unveils MPR031 Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller
Touch sensors have become increasingly popular as more consumer, industrial and automotive designs include touch panels to provide simpler, more reliable user interfaces. Freescale Semiconductor, a leading designer and manufacturer of sensors, is meeting the demand for touch-sensitive control with the introduction of an ultra-low-power touch controller for two- and three-pad touch-sensing applications.

Freescale, Samsung Team on LED Backlight Display Technology
Freescale Semiconductor and Samsung Electronics, a world leader in display technology, have announced their collaboration to address the burgeoning market for energy-saving and environmentally friendly light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Freescale’s LED backlight driver technology is the industry’s most compact and integrated solution.

Phoenix Technologies, Opera Optimize Browser for HyperSpace Platform
Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: PTEC) announced a partnership with Opera Software ASA (OBX: OPERA) to develop the fast-loading Opera Browser optimized for the HyperSpace platform that will deliver instant-on access to the Internet for mobile PCs. Phoenix HyperSpace is a unique, virtual computing environment that can host instant-on applications and specialized, secure computing services that can run independently of Windows while the operating system boots up, is running or shuts down.