Kontron AM4011 AdvancedMC Processor Module

The Kontron AM4011 is an AdvancedMC processor module. The Kontron AM4011 is available with the LV Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The Kontron AM4011 AdvancedMC processor module is highly integrated and available in both mid-size and full-size form factors. It also includes up to 4 GB of memory (DDR2) with ECC running at 400 MHz, plus up to 8 GB of Flash memory via an onboard USB 2.0 Flash controller. The board also features GbE interfaces — two available on the front panel, two in accordance with AMC.2.

Kontron AM4011 AdvancedMC module

The Kontron AM4011 can be used as a main controller, data server, traffic processor or media processor in any single-width MicroTCA platform deployed for applications in the 3GSM, triple play, military, police, government, defense, transportation and avionics market segments. Carrier-grade telecommunications, as well as image and video processing applications in the medical, industrial quality management and simulation markets also benefit from the processing power and communication capabilities of the Kontron AM4011 AdvancedMC processor module.

Kontron AM4011 Features

  • AMC Processor Module, Single-module Mid-size
  • Intel Core2 Duo 1.5GHz
  • Up to 4 GByte SDRAM memory (soldered) with ECC running at 400 MHz
  • Up to 8 GByte NAND Flash memory via onboard USB 2.0 Flash Controller

The AMC.1/.2/.3-compliant Kontron AM4011 AdvancedMC processor module has full hot-swap capabilities for replacing, monitoring and controlling the module without the need to shut down the AdvancedTCA carrier board or the MicroTCA system. A dedicated Module Management Controller (MMC) is used to manage the board and to support a defined subset of IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) commands and PICMG (ATCA/AMC) command extensions, which enable operators to detect and eliminate faults faster at the module level. IPMI enhances the board’s availability while reducing the overall operating costs and mean-time-to-repair.

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