News 2008.11.04

Microchip Improves 8-bit PIC12, PIC16 Microcontroller Cores
Microchip Technology Inc. announced an enhancement to the microcontroller (MCU) architecture supporting Mid-range 8-bit PIC12 and PIC16 MCUs. Building upon the success of Microchip’s popular Mid-range core, the enhanced core provides numerous technical improvements, including more program and data memory; a deeper/enhanced hardware stack; additional reset methods; 14 additional programming instructions, including “C” efficiency optimizations resulting in code size reductions; increased peripheral support; reduced interrupt latency, and other enhancements.

Agilent Introduces Jivaro-for-GoldenGate Parasitic Reduction Tool
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) announced Jivaro-for-GoldenGate, a parasitic model order-reduction tool designed for use with the company’s GoldenGate RF simulator software. Jivaro-for-GoldenGate is expected to enhance RFIC simulation speed and capacity with negligible loss in accuracy. Jivaro-for-GoldenGate is designed in cooperation with edXact, a company that provides high-precision, high-performance technology for backend physical verification. edXact’s Jivaro-A netlist-reduction engine is the core of this new RFIC design software.

Mentor Graphics Unveils Latest Eldo Transistor-level Analog Simulator
Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) announced a new version of the Eldo® transistor-level analog simulator that offers improved raw speed performance without compromising accuracy. The speed up targets very large post-layout simulations that are mandatory at 45nm processes and below to thoroughly verify a complex design.

Leadis Samples PureTouch Low Power Touch Controllers
Leadis Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: LDIS) announced sample availability of the LDS6003, LDS6005, LDS6023, LDS6025, and LDS6028, five new members of the PureTouch[tm] family of low power controllers designed for capacitive touch applications. Targeted at both mobile and non-mobile applications, the devices support a variety of touch input types including buttons, sliders, and scroll wheels.

Real Intent Releases Meridian FPGA Verification Software
Real Intent Inc. announced its first release of Meridian FPGA[tm] verification software. Meridian FPGA is specifically designed to work with Altera Corporation’s latest release of its Quartus® II software, version 8.1, to verify Clock Domain Crossings (CDC). It offers a cost-effective alternative when compared to the cost of equivalent ASIC design software.

Agilent Announces All-in-One Education Kits for Engineering Classes
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) introduced a new range of integrated curriculum-based solution kits for educators teaching engineering and electronics classes. Each cost-effective solution has carefully designed undergraduate engineering courseware, an ideal mix of teaching slide sets, problem-based student labs and industry-standard measurement equipment.

Cadence Expands SpeedBridge Adapters, System-Level Verification IP
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) expanded its system verification IP (VIP) and Cadence® SpeedBridge® Adapters portfolio with a focus on transaction-based acceleration (TBA) and in-circuit emulation use models. The expanded Cadence portfolio focuses on standard protocols for the wireless, networking, storage and multimedia vertical markets.

MultiCore Optimizer to Integrated with UniCluster Software
eXludus Technologies announced a technology agreement with Univa UD, the leading provider of high-performance computing systems management and data center automation software. Through this agreement, MultiCore Optimizer[tm] software functionalities will be integrated with UniCluster software to create an enhanced product offering. UniCluster, which simplifies the deployment, configuration and management of clusters, will offer added capability to optimize utilization of multi-core systems.