News 2008.11.02

DFI Technical Group Reveals DDR PHY Interface Specification v2.1
Denali Software, Inc. announced the availability of the preliminary version of the DFI specification 2.1. The DFI specification extends support to the latest LPDDR2 memory technology and enables new features including frequency change support and low-power PHY options. The collaborative technical working group is enhancing the specification with several low-power features aimed at speeding LPDDR memory system design and integration, and reducing verification costs.

Sans Digital Expands AccuRAID Direct Attached Rackmounts
Sans Digital is expanding the AccuRAID complete line of direct attached rackmounts. These cost effective arrays range from 12-bay to 42-bay in 2U, 3U and 4U configurations, and are designed for enterprise storage needs. In addition to the previous SCSI and Fibre Channel interfaces, the series now includes the latest SAS interface, providing flexible and economical solutions for file server and storage capacity expansions.

Avnet, MathWorks, TI, Xilinx Announce Co-Processing SpeedWay Workshop
Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), The MathWorks, Texas Instruments and Xilinx announce the launch of a 2-day Co-Processing SpeedWay Design Workshop[tm]. “Creating FPGA-based Co-Processors for DSPs Using Model-Based Design” features the Spartan-3A DSP FPGA / DaVinci Development Platform announced yesterday. The workshops are being offered in locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia beginning December 1, 2008. Publishes Report on LED Driver ICs
The market for high-brightness LED driver ICs is increasingly diverse and presents significant growth opportunities. According to the latest analysis available at Publications, the dollar market is projected to grow faster than unit sales, 26.6%/year and 24.6%/year, respectively. By 2013, annual global demand will exceed 12 billion LED driver ICs accounting for sales of $5.4 billion.

Ethernet Direct Introduces EDS Series Industrial IP-66 CCTV Cameras
Ethernet Direct Corporation is pleased to offer a new series Industrial rated IP-66 CCTV cameras to complement our OVS series Video Server offering the especially designed solution for Industrial Video over Ethernet. EDS series Industrial rated IP-66 CCTV cameras come in several models for selection, either Outdoor or Indoor type, bullet type or speed dome.

JTEL Tests JTRS Waveform, Platform Code with PrismTech Spectra 2
PrismTech[tm] announced that the regulatory and certification authority for both Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and JTRS compliance, the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Testing and Evaluation Lab (JTEL), has selected its Spectra[tm] 2 tools suite to assist with the testing and certification of waveform and platform application code. Spectra 2 is PrismTech’s end-to-end development suite for the modeling, code generation, testing and deployment of SCA-compliant software defined radio (SDR) applications.