News 2008.10.28 Late Edition

Pentek Rolls Out Model 7153 Software Radio PMC Module
Pentek, Inc. has introduced its Model 7153, a 4-channel, high-speed digitizer PMC module designed for processing baseband RF or IF signals from a communications receiver. This is the only product of its kind in the market that employs the new ADS5485 A/D Converter just released by Texas Instruments. Four of these 200 MHz, 16-bit monolithic A/Ds in the front end of the Model 7153 deliver a previously unattainable combination of speed and resolution.

Adeneo Ports .NET Micro Framework 3.0 to Atmel AT91SAM9261-EK ARM9
Adeneo, a Microsoft Windows Embedded Gold Partner with facilities in Europe and the USA, announced at the Embedded System Conference Boston 2008 the release of a .NET Micro Framework 3.0 port for the Atmel AT91SAM9261-EK ARM9-based Evaluation Kit. The .NET Micro Framework is a Microsoft platform for small, resource-constrained devices that enables fast development of embedded systems that are smart, securely connected, and easier to manage.

Unicoi Systems Ports Fusion Embedded Software to Micrium uC/O-SII
Unicoi Systems, providers of Fusion Embedded Software, proudly announce full support for Micrium’s µC/OS-II real-time operating system (RTOS). As the result of Unicoi porting all Fusion Embedded Software to µC/OS-II, developers now have access to some of the industry’s most prolific and advanced embedded protocol suites, empowered by expansive chip support from one of the most pervasive and reliable real-time operating systems on the market.

Analog Devices, AxiomFount Announce.NET Micro Framework on Blackfin
Analog Devices Inc., and AxiomFount Inc. announced the availability of the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework on Analog Devices’ popular Blackfin processors. The move brings the popular managed-code application environment to the world’s only convergent processor family via AxiomFount’s AxiDotNet and integrated .NET Micro Framework solutions. This gives a broad community of application developers easy access to high-performance signal processing resources.

Teradyne, JTAG Technologies Team on Advanced Digital Networks Test
Teradyne, Inc. (NYSE: TER) and JTAG Technologies have jointly demonstrated the ability to test and diagnose advanced digital networks with an integrated boundary-scan solution running on the Teradyne(R) TestStation(TM). This means that TestStation users can expand the test coverage achieved via boundary-scan on their boards to include such networks as LVDS, AC-coupled, and others.

MathWorks Announces Simulink Fixed Point 6
The MathWorks announced the availability of Simulink Fixed Point 6. A major upgrade within the Simulink product family, Simulink Fixed Point 6 delivers capabilities for designing and simulating fixed-point systems and generating optimized code for implementation, while creating more efficient workflows. Simulink Fixed Point 6 enables engineers to quickly turn a floating-point design into a fixed-point design based on input data ranges and target hardware characteristics.

Agilent Introduces Electromagnetic Professional EM Design Platform
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) introduced Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro), a new design platform for analyzing the electromagnetic (EM) effects of RF and microwave components such as high-speed IC packages, antennas, on-chip embedded passives and PCB interconnects. The software features the most modern design, simulation and analysis environment, highest-capacity simulation technology.

iSuppli to Host Panels at electronica 2008 World of MEMS Conference
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) are hotter than ever, with the technology being integrated into consumer electronics applications, automotive applications and alternative energy products. At the electronica 2008 World of MEMS event, Jérémie Bouchaud, director and principal analyst for MEMS at iSuppli, and Richard Dixon, Senior Analyst, MEMS, will be hosting five panel discussions covering the changing shape of the MEMS market and analyzing how influential these devices are becoming in the electronics industry.

General Motors Selects Freescale Microcontrollers for Engine Control
Freescale Semiconductor is providing advanced microcontroller (MCU) technology to help General Motors drive breakthroughs in green engine design. According to an agreement reached by both companies, GM will use Freescale dual-core Power Architecture[tm] MCUs to manage sophisticated powertrain systems in future GM vehicle models.