News 2008.10.28

Laird Technologies Develops Bluetooth Modules for Embedded Designs
Laird Technologies, Inc. announced the addition of four new Bluetooth® modules to its range of wireless products. Laird Technologies has removed the complexity of adding wireless technology to embedded products with the launch of its ground-breaking new range of Bluetooth modules that extends its current module range to cover almost any short range wireless application. The four new modules incorporate Bluetooth stacks and are pre-approved to minimize the design effort in implementing short range wireless.

Quadros Unveils RTXCfatfile-safe Fail-Safe Extension for Embedded FAT
Quadros Systems, Inc. announced a new extension to its family of embedded file systems designed to preserve the data and overall integrity of the FAT file system in case of power loss or unexpected reset of the system. RTXCfatfile-safe ensures that all operations will be carried out in a failsafe manner.

Aonix Rolls Out PERC Ultra SMP with Support for Multicore Hardware
Aonix®, the provider of the PERC product line for embedded and real-time Java developers, announced the release of PERC Ultra SMP with support for multicore hardware. PERC Ultra SMP responds to the need for multiprocessor and multicore solutions in complex mission-critical embedded and real-time Java applications. Early adopters of the technology are in the military, aerospace, and telecommunications sectors.

AdaCore Introduces GNAT Pro for Mentor Graphics Nucleus OS
AdaCore announced the availability of GNAT Pro for Nucleus® OS, the embedded operating system from Mentor Graphics. Nucleus OS offers a highly configurable kernel and utility extensions, making it a popular choice for small, high-volume embedded computing applications where low cost and high reliability are critical. With GNAT Pro for Nucleus OS, embedded system developers can increase their productivity through the reliability of the Ada language, the frontline support from AdaCore, and the capabilities of the GNAT Pro toolchain.

RTI Releases Data Distribution Service, Safety-Critical Edition
Real-Time Innovations (RTI) announced that it has released the first version of RTI Data Distribution Service, Safety-Critical Edition. This new, small-footprint version of RTI’s real-time messaging middleware is designed to meet safety certification standards such as DO-178B. Safety-Critical Edition was initially developed for use in satellite applications by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

Aonix Ports PERC Ultra SMP to Concurrent RedHawk Real-time Linux
Aonix®, the provider of the PERC product line for embedded and real-time Java developers, announced the release of PERC Ultra SMP with support for Concurrent’s RedHawk[tm] real-time Linux® and associated NightStar[tm] advanced Linux debugging and analysis tools. PERC Ultra, Aonix’s flagship product, targets the same time-critical applications such as simulation and training, data acquisition, imaging, and process control that RedHawk currently serves.

Real-Time Innovations Enhances RTI Data Distribution Service
Real-Time Innovations (RTI), The Real-Time Middleware Experts, announced scalability and performance enhancements to RTI Data Distribution Service, its real-time messaging middleware. These new features significantly ease the integration of large-scale real-time applications with high-capacity networked sensors that are often used in radar and imaging applications.

AdaCore, SYSGO Introduce GNAT Pro for ELinOS
AdaCore and SYSGO announced the availability of GNAT Pro for ELinOS[tm], the industrial grade embedded Linux® operating system from SYSGO. With GNAT Pro for ELinOS, embedded system developers can combine the reliability of Ada, the productivity of the GNAT Pro toolset and AdaCore support services with the configurability of ELinOS.

GrammaTech Rolls Out CodeSonar 3.3 Static Analysis Engine
GrammaTech, Inc. announced that CodeSonar 3.3 Enterprise is dramatically faster than its predecessor. In addition to improved performance, a richer API makes it easier for users to add a wide variety of custom checkers. It is also easier to visualize trends in software quality – management-level reports and custom charting features have been refined.

Praxis, AdaCore Team on SPARK Language, Toolset
Praxis and AdaCore have announced the formation of a long-term partnership with the intent of taking the SPARK language and toolset to a new level in technical capability, marketing and sales. This follows the recent release to the Open Source community of the Tokeneer project by the US National Security Agency (NSA). The Tokeneer project was developed by Praxis for the NSA using the Correctness by Construction methodology, the SPARK Ada language and toolset and the GNAT Pro Ada development environment from AdaCore.

Embedded Planet to Design Standards+ 10G Ethernet Switching Platform
Embedded Planet announced it was selected to design a unique “Standards+” 10G Ethernet Switching Platform for Computer Systems Center Incorporated (CSCI), a leading systems integrator and professional services company specializing in Federal Government work. Embedded Planet was selected because of its Standards+ approach to design that integrates standards, COTS components and custom design for high performance, low cost solutions in a fraction of the time required for custom design.

ASSET Becomes Member of Synopsys in-Sync Program
ASSET®, the leading supplier of open tools for embedded instrumentation, has joined Synopsys’ in-SyncT program for third-party suppliers of EDA-related products. Synopsys is a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design and manufacturing. This step marks a significant advance towards ASSET’s commitment to deliver technology for embedded instrumentation tools.

Inphi Ships Over 50 Million DDR2 Memory Interface Components
Inphi® Corporation announced it has passed the 50 million unit shipment milestone for its memory interface analog components. Just four years after shipping its first DDR2 component, Inphi has shipped PLLs and Registers into all workstations, servers, storage and telecommunication applications. With shipments to over 30 customers worldwide, Inphi has solidified its leadership position as a premier supplier of memory logic solutions for server applications.