Artisan Studio 7.0

Artisan Software Tools recently announced Artisan Studio 7.0 model-driven development tool suite. Artisan Studio provides complete support for UML, OMG SysML[tm], and Architectural Frameworks in a single, integrated environment. Artisan Studio 7.0 includes major new features and tool improvements for both systems and software engineers.

Artisan Studio 7.0 Overview

  • The bi-directional Simulink Synchronizer helps define and simulate function block diagrams in Mathworks’ Simulink and export them into an Artisan Studio SysML model for ongoing development and maintenance. Simulink Synchronizer enables engineers to integrate parametric equations, requirements and code with full control of the mapping of information between the two tools.

  • The 3-Way Sandbox Merging capability allows the cohabitation of model sandboxes, which enables multiple development teams to work on the same model while removing the risk of unintentionally duplicated items.

  • The C# automatic code generation model contains default design patterns that specify the mapping from UML to C# (model-to-code), which can be altered as necessary by engineers to manage and control it as a project artifact.

  • Enhancements to the VxWorks RTOS integration enable model-level debugging of code executing on multiple remote targets.

  • Support for State Diagram Animation from the Target Machine allows engineers to depict current values or attributes and the behavioral state of the instance. This technique can be used to validate a model by deliberately injecting error conditions into an instance of a state machine animation.

  • The Component Sharing Wizard has also been enhanced to allow components to be shared between product variants in a controlled manner enabling Artisan Studio to be utilized for System and Software Product Line (SPL) development.

  • Requirements analysis and management has also been extended. The new bi-directional DOORS Synchronizer improves graphical SysML requirements traceability management using information provided by DOORS.

  • Artisan Studio 7.0 provides explicit support for SysML requirements, separate support for surrogates and requirements, support for package hierarchy module structure and surrogate filtering by model item type. All information can be subsequently exported back to DOORS.

  • New look and feel based on a multiple-document interface enables engineers to tailor it according to their own working style. It provides engineers with the ability to re-order tabs in the browsers, auto hide panes, dock and float panes, and provide keyboard navigation around all the views.

  • Back-office functionality improvements have also been made in the extensibility and flexibility of the system and user administration features. A more intuitive process and interface facilitates faster, easier set-up and maintenance of the system, reducing overhead costs and improving support for large and distributed teams.

More info: Artisan Software Tools