Texas Instruments Piccolo F2802x/F2803x Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) recently launched the 32-bit Piccolo TMS320F2802x / F2803x microcontrollers (MCU). The F2802x/F2803x controllers feature architectural advancements and enhanced peripherals in package sizes starting at 38-pins to bring the benefits of 32-bit real-time control to applications typically unable to justify the associated cost. Real-time control offers greater system efficiency and precision through the implementation of advanced algorithms for industrial, consumer and automotive applications such as solar power micro-inverters, LED lighting, white goods appliances and hybrid automotive batteries. The Piccolo F2802x series of microcontrollers will be available for sampling in December and will include 40 to 60 MHz variations, up to 128 KB Flash memory, 12-bit ADC, ePWM and peripherals such as: communications protocols, on-chip oscillators, analog comparators and general purpose I/Os. The microcontrollers are priced at less than $2 for volume orders.

F2802x/F2803x Microcontrollers Features

  • Piccolo F2802x/F2803x controllers can replace multiple electronic components to lower overall system cost while enabling advanced power electronics management.
  • F2802x/F2803x-based LED control systems offer intelligent current control and easy system networking to bring down system complexity as well as the cost of managing color mixing and temperature control required for white LED systems.
  • Piccolo microcontrollers offer the performance and integration to implement power line communications (PLC) for street light networks that allow cities to pinpoint power outages and centrally manage and adjust lighting based on time of day, traffic or weather conditions.
  • Piccolo microcontrollers enable higher operating efficiency and control for solar panels.
  • The Piccolo series of MCUs feature a programmable, floating-point control law accelerator (CLA) designed to offload complex high speed control algorithms from the main TMS320C28x[tm] CPU.
  • At 4.6 MSPS, Piccolo devices’ on-chip, 12-bit ADC is up to four times faster than the closest competitor, allowing designers to reduce the complexity and cost of the design process, while achieving excellent accuracy and performance.
  • Two on-chip oscillators operating at 10 MHz each with +/- 1 percent accuracy eliminate the need for external oscillators and their associated cost.

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