Technosoft IS23x-MA Intelligent Step Motors

The Technosoft IS23x-MA Intelligent Step Motors feature MotionChip DSP Control Technology. The IS23x-MA stepper motors are ideal for distributed motion control applications. IS23x-MA have been developed in 2 motor lengths, offering 1 to 1.8 Nm permanent output torque and operated from a 12 to 48 V single power supply. High resolution settings to the equivalent of up to 256 microsteps / step can be used. For an off-the-shelf usage, the IS23x-DS motors (already configured to cover the usual operation modes and parameters) are available.

Technosoft IS23x-MA Intelligent Stepper MotorsThe motion programming can be done from a CAN / CANopen master via PC / PLC, either by using the appropriate motion library, or directly at motor level, using the built-in motion controller and the EasyMotion Studio platform. This greatly simplifies the master’s task: motion functions pre-stored in the motor memory can be called or executed via I/O signals.

IS23x are fully programmable to execute position or speed control. They include high-level trajectory generators for: profiles (S-curve, trapezoidal or PVT), contouring, electronic gearing and camming. Communication is done over CAN (CANopen / TMLCAN) or RS-232 networks.

The IS23x is a valuable motion control solution for all industrial applications where space is critical and the machines need to look neat and uncluttered. Users can simplify complex applications by distributing the intelligence between master and motors. Instead of trying to command each step of an axis motion from the master, they can program the motors using TML to execute complex tasks and inform the master when these tasks have been completed.

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