News 2008.10.23

Kontron Debuts Embedded Motherboards with Intel Core2 Quad Processor Q9400
Kontron announced its latest-generation embedded motherboards that offer the 45nm Intel Core2 Quad processor Q9400 and the Intel Q45 Express chipset on the ATX and Flex-ATX form factors with 7-year long lifecycle support. The new Kontron embedded motherboards push the performance of compute-intensive applications such as medical, test and measurement, industrial vision, control systems and security and video surveillance systems while enabling cooler and quieter system designs.

SYSGO Supports Adobe Flash Lite for Embedded Linux Systems
SYSGO’s ability to provide trustworthy solutions for high reliability systems is now increasingly recognized and sought out by major players in fields as diverse as Industrial Automation and Consumers Electronics. In order to better support innovative applications in these areas, SYSGO is now announcing support for Adobe Flash Lite[tm] offering its customers the possibility to develop rich Flash based applications within their embedded systems.

Berkeley Announces Fractional-N PLL Transistor-Level Noise Analysis
Berkeley Design Automation, Inc. announced the industry’s first closed-loop noise analysis of fractional-N phase-locked loops (PLLs) at the transistor level. Combining transient noise and periodic noise analysis in the company’s Noise Analysis Option device noise analyzer, designers can now optimize and characterize all fractional-N and integer-N PLLs for phase noise and jitter prior to silicon fabrication.

Sonics Releases OCP Library for Verification
Sonics Inc. announced the general availability of the Sonics OCP Library for Verification (SOLV). Core designers are using the SOLV package for debugging, performance tuning and validation of complex intellectual property (IP) cores using OCP interfaces. The SOLV package includes Sonics SVA OCP Checker, OCP disassembler (ocpdis2) and OCP performance analyzer (ocpperf2). Together, this suite of tools enable validation of OCP socket interfaces and the analysis of their performance.

SMIC Develops .11 Micron CMOS Image Sensor Process Technology
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (“SMIC”; NYSE: SMI; SEHK: 0981.HK) announced that it has successfully developed a 0.11 micron CMOS image sensor (CIS) process technology. With this new production process, SMIC-manufactured CIS devices exhibit improved resolution, low noise, and enhanced image contrast for high performance CMOS imager applications.

SMS Electronics Increases XJTAG Licenses by 300%
SMS Electronicg facility in Nottingham, England. The new licenses will be funded by SMS switching to XJTAG’s credit crunch beating corporate licensing plan, which is aimed at corporate customers with multiple licenses. The new license plan, which includes a five-year price promise, as well as support, maintenance and annual upgrades, is designed to help customers expand their capability while keeping a handle on costs.