Renesas H8SX Microcontrollers

Renesas recently launched ten new microcontrollers (MCUs) in the H8SX family. The new controllers deliver a faster analog-to-digital (A/D) converter and a more precise digital-to-analog (D/A) converter. The 32-bit, 50MHz devices give embedded systems better analog signal-processing capabilities for interfacing to TFT displays, sensors, scanners, and other types of input/output elements found in PCs, digital consumer products, office automation (OA) and industrial equipment. The new CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) MCUs are members of the H8SX/1645, H8SX/1635, H8SX/1665, and H8SX/1655 product groups.

Renesas H8SX MicrocontrollersHighlights

  • Up to 512KB on-chip flash memory and 40KB RAM
  • Flash memory is accessible in a single cycle at 50MHz operating frequencies for fast response time
  • Powerful CISC instruction set and single-cycle flash access combine to ensure deterministic system operation for time-critical control routines
  • Comprehensive set of on-chip peripheral functions
  • Programmable pulse generator (PPG) can be teamed with a 16-bit timer pulse unit to implement pulse-output operation
  • Multi-channel serial communication interface (SCI) includes two high-speed channels that support 720kbps rates
  • H8SX/1645, H8SX/1635, H8SX/1665, and H8SX/1655 devices have 120-pin or 144-pin LQFP packages that are compatible with current products
  • Available in a space-saving 145-pin LGA package with a mounting area approximately 80% smaller than a 144-pin LQFP
  • MCUs feature six power-down modes to reduce power consumption, including a Deep Software Standby mode that offers greater efficiency than the Software Standby mode

More info: Renesas Technology