NEC 78K0R/KF3-C and 78K0R/KG3-C Microcontrollers

NEC Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723) recently introduced the 80-pin 78K0R/KF3-C and 100-pin 78K0R/KG3-C 16-bit microcontrollers with on-chip flash memory (“All Flash microcontroller”). The MCUs will enable users to easily develop control software and facilitate CEC features that are compliant with the high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) for device connection. The microcontrollers can reduce current consumption by 1/1,000th. The MCUs are ideal for digital audio-visual devices. The sample prices for the microcontrollers will vary depending on memory capacity, package type, and number of pins. Mass production of the new products will begin in March 2009.

78K0R/KF3-C and 78K0R/KG3 Microcontrollers Features

  • Hardware implementation of CEC and remote-control receiver functions
    The amount of software development required is reduced thanks to the hardware implementation of CEC and remote-control receiver functions which is embedded in the devices.
  • Current reduction by 1/1,000th in lowest power consumption modes
    Because the CEC function is implemented in hardware, the CPU does not need to be kept running continually when monitoring. This enables the device to be controlled by running the sub-clock alone. Consequently, the current consumption when the system is in standby mode and only the CEC function is being operated is reduced to 1/1,000th, from about 0.5 milliamperes (mA) consumed by conventional products using software implemented on a general-purpose microprocessor, to about 0.5 microamperes (µA).
  • Improved system operability
    With conventional mainstream processing, it was not feasible to simultaneously process CEC and remote-control signals. Since the new products have built-in CEC and remote-control receiver circuits, they are capable of processing CEC and remote-control signals simultaneously. This makes it possible to improve system operability.
  • A wealth of development tools is available
    The new products can be used with same the evaluation boards and on-chip debuggers that NEC Electronics has offered for conventional 16-bit microcontrollers/microprocessors. The company is also currently developing a CEC Monitor software program for simulating CEC functionality.

More info: NEC Electronics