News 2008.10.20 Late Edition

American Portwell Introduces RUBY-9720 Micro-ATX Motherboard
American Portwell Technology, Inc. has developed a new motherboard with the latest Intel platform for embedded applications. The Portwell RUBY-9720 (Micro-ATX form factor), built with the 45nm Intel Core(tm)2 Quad processor Q9400 and Intel Q45 Express chipset, provides the ideal solution for multiple applications such as POS, ATM, Kiosk, Gaming and Digital Signage.

Freescale Debuts MPC5674F Automotive Microcontroller for Green Engines
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the industry’s most powerful and sophisticated MCU for engine control in mainstream, high-volume automobiles. Freescale’s new MPC5674F is the latest addition to the company’s growing portfolio of 32-bit automotive MCUs built on Power Architecture[tm] technology. The MPC5674F addresses the automotive industry’s need for precise control of engine events, enabling developers to optimize combustion and tune engines for improved fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions, without sacrificing performance.

ITOX Rolls Out EL330-DR micro-ATX Motherboard with Intel Q45 Express
ITOX introduced the EL330-DR micro-ATX form factor motherboard utilizing the new Intel® Q45 Express chipset with Intel® I/O Controller Hub 10DO. This new embedded board supports the 45nm Intel® Core[tm]2 Quad processor Q9400 with up to 6MB of shared L2 cache and up to 1333 MHz Front Side Bus (FSB), delivering high-performance computing in multi-threaded and multitasking environments.

Aeroflex Launches Lightweight 3500A 1GHz Hand-held Radio Test Set
Aeroflex has introduced the new, lightweight 3500A 1GHz hand-held Radio Test Set. The Aeroflex 3500A improves upon the success of the Aeroflex 3500, the industry’s first 1GHz hand-held test set. With improved audio analysis and operation, the Aeroflex 3500A offers lighter weight, integrated audio test connections and a new microphone interface for easier operation.

Freescale Introduces Virtual Architect Tool Suite
Freescale Semiconductor is helping OEMs manage the increasing complexity of automotive electronics design with the introduction of the Virtual Architect (VA) Tool Suite. The software helps ensure synchronization of design data along with product planning data. As a result, automobile manufacturers can significantly reduce complexity, helping to reduce costly errors, improve accuracy of service diagnostics and lower warranty costs.

Calypto PowerPro CG Features Power Optimizations, VHDL Support
Calypto[tm] Design Systems Inc. announced it has added new sequential power optimizations and support for VHDL designs to PowerPro CG (clock gating), the industry’s only automated register transfer level (RTL) power optimization solution. Support for VHDL in PowerPro CG extends the benefit of power savings to more designers, in particular those in European consumer and wireless electronics companies where VHDL is the dominant design language.

Virtium Announces LeanSTOR AMC Solid State Storage Board
Virtium Technology Inc., manufacturer of memory and storage products for specialized computers in demanding environments, announced the LeanSTOR AMC Solid State Storage Board to the AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA community as the best-fit storage solution with higher reliability, faster data transfer and larger capacity for direct attached storage elements at system level.

System Architecture Design, Specification Causing Failures
A recently released study from VDC Research reveals that failures in system architecture design and specification may, in many cases, be the underlying causes of failures in software engineering and system integration. VDC’s survey of embedded engineers (based on a mix of various project types including hardware, software, and system designs) suggests that system integration, along with firmware and application development/test, are typically key areas of delay among late projects.

Gleichmann Announces NEC 78K0/Kx2-L All Flash 8-bit Microcontrollers
NEC Electronics’ 18 new All Flash 8-bit microcontrollers of the 78K0/Kx2-L family, which are ideally suited for controlling small battery powered systems, immediately broaden the product portfolio of Gleichmann Electronics. The extremely low-power derivatives of the 78K0/KY2-L (16-pin SSOP), 78K0/KA2-L (20-pin SSOP), 78K0/KB2-L (30-pin SSOP) and 78K0/KC2-L (44-pin & 48-Pin QFP) series are based on the same technology that NEC Electronics already uses for the manufacture of its 16-bit low-power microcontrollers.

Xilinx Showcases Automotive Solutions for Media-Oriented Systems Transport
At the Convergence(R) Conference and Exhibition, Xilinx, Inc. (Nasdaq: XLNX), the world’s leading programmable logic device (PLD) provider, is highlighting Xilinx Automotive (XA) programmable solutions that are being applied by a global automotive supplier in the development of rear-seat entertainment systems supporting the MOST(R) (Media-Oriented Systems Transport) networking standard.