News 2008.10.19

NEC Introduces 78K0R/Fx3 Microcontrollers for Automotive Applications
NEC Electronics announced it has expanded the company’s lineup of 16-bit 78K0R microcontrollers (MCUs) to support cost-sensitive automotive applications. Based on NEC Electronics’ fast and efficient 78K0R core, the new 78K0R/Fx3 MCUs are optimized to deliver higher performance and expanded memory options for automotive body electronics applications such as window, seat and door modules; and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Innovasic to Develop 80C186XL, 80C188XL Embedded Processors
Innovasic Semiconductor announced engineering samples will be available Q2 2009 for the IA186XL and IA188XL. The IA186XL and IA188XL are form, fit, and function compatible with the original Intel® 80C186XL and 80C188XL 16-bit high-integration embedded processors, and are low power, fully static versions of the 80C186 and 80C188. The Innovasic version supports internal 20-33 MHz operation and is industrial temperature grade.

Atmel Rolls Out AT86RF231, AT86RF212 ZigBee Ready Transceivers
Atmel presents two new developed transceivers – working according to the wireless standard IEEE 802.15.4 (Distribution: MSC Vertriebs GmbH). They are adapted for ZigBee® applications requiring extremely low-current. Both devices are operating within the industrial sector’s temperature range. They impress by their optimized power output and high sensitivity. The link budget of the AT86RF231 is 104 dBm and for the AT86RF212 120 dBm.

Saelig Announces Embedded Master with .NET Micro Framework Support
Embedded Master is a family of embedded products that implement Microsoft’s .NET Micro Framework. Developers can run C# managed code inside Embedded Master or use Visual Studio to create and debug programs quickly and effectively. Embedded Master is the first OEM device to implement .NET Micro Framework that also adds a FAT File System and USB Host capabilities on a tiny 1.55″ x 1.55″ board. Users can access files on SD cards or memory devices (thumb drive, USB hard drive, etc.) and also use other USB devices.

STMicroelectronics Introduces L99DZ70XP Automotive IC
STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) is the first to introduce a single chip that produces the major signals required to drive vehicle door-mounted systems as well as an improved method for controlling electrochrome (EC) rear-view mirrors. The L99DZ70XP combined driver IC eliminates discrete drivers normally mounted in multiple locations inside the door, allowing compact, integrated door-zone controllers that are easier to fit and deliver greater long-term reliability.

TI Unveils UCD9081 Sequencer, Monitor with Non-volatile Error Logging
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) introduced a new eight-channel sequencer and monitor with non-volatile error logging. The device supports the latest generation microprocessors, ASICs and DSPs, to improve system reliability and ease sequencing on boards with multiple points of load. The sequencer operates from a 3.3-V supply and does not require external memory or a clock, to help reduce board space in a variety of equipment, including telecommunication switches, servers, industrial, networking and test equipment.

CCS Debuts Load-n-Go Handheld Programmer, PRIME8 In-Circuit Programmer
CCS is excited to introduce the latest additions to the CCS programmer product line: Load-n-Go Handheld Programmer and PRIME8 In-Circuit Gang Production Programmer. The exploding popularity of Microchip PIC®MCUs used in a variety of small electronics products has driven the need for an easy to use, low-cost, flexible production grade programmer.

Aeroflex Offers DMR Option for 3900 Series Digital Radio Test Set
Aeroflex has announced the release of a new option that enables the Aeroflex 3900 Series Digital Radio Test Set to test and align a wide range of digital mobile radio (DMR) devices. DMR, a new digital radio format replacing analog private mobile radio (PMR), offers advanced communications features specified by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) technical standard 102-361.

Ethernet Direct Debuts HUG-418S Gigabit Switch with SFP Flexibility
Ethernet Direct Corporation introduces HUG-418S, a unique slim Industrial Gigabit switch with SFP flexibility. The Husky series HUG-418S Industrial 5-port Slim Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch is superb entry-level switch that supports state of the art design with four 10/100/1000T Ethernet ports and one small form pluggable (SFP) ports that supports Gigabit SX or LX depending on your existing network structure.

Chassis Plans Rolls Out MQS4U-20A Military Grade Rackmount System
Chassis Plans releases the MQS4U-20A rugged military grade rackmount computer system with an ultra high performance Tyan Thunder n6550EX S4989 Quad AMD Opteron[tm] Processor motherboard and EVGA e-GeForce 9800 GX2 Graphics Processing Unit. The MQS4U-20A is intended for rugged military applications where a short depth, light weight and incredibly sturdy rackmount system is required.

Virtutech to Discuss Electronic System Level Interoperability
Virtutech, Inc. announced that principal technology specialist Ross Dickson will participate in a panel discussion entitled “ESL Interoperability – Are we there yet now that TLM-2 is out?” The discussion will take place during The International Conference on Hardware-Software Codesign and System Synthesis (CODES+ISSS), October 19-24, 2008 at The Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia. CODES+ISSS is part of the 2008 Embedded Systems Week.