Micron 32GB e-MMC Embedded Devices

Micron Technology, Inc. (NYSE:MU) recently introduced their 32GB e-MMC embedded devices. The 32G e-MMC devices feature an extended temperature range (-40C to +85C) for automotive and industrial applications. Micron’s e-MMC products give consumers a significant increase in storage capacity for songs, pictures, and video, while also providing advanced NAND management features for application designers to simplify product designs and speed time-to-market. The 32G embedded devices are sampling now.

Micron 32Gb e-MMC memory- MTFC32GHKDN-WTTo meet the demand for higher densities, designers find themselves pressing wireless processors to support multiple-level cell (MLC) NAND Flash. Micron’s e-MMC embedded memory can help address the challenges — including increasing error correction code (ECC) requirements — sometimes associated with MLC NAND Flash devices.

e-MMC NAND devices are an effective solution for the needs of many consumer applications like cameras, cell phones, PDAs, and automotive infotainment systems. Micron’s e-MMC products also greatly simplify system design by removing the requirements of the host memory controller to support NAND software drivers and complex NAND management techniques, including error correction code (ECC), wear leveling, and bad block management — replacing all of this complexity with a simple and ubiquitous MMC interface.

Micron provides e-MMC products qualified at extended temperatures, which makes them ideal for in-dash applications like navigation systems and other automotive applications that require a more robust operating range. Micron’s e-MMC embedded memory combines high-quality, low-cost NAND Flash memory with a high-speed MultiMediaCard (MMC) controller in a low-profile BGA package.

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