NEC V850ES/Jx3-L 32-Bit Flash Microcontrollers

NEC Electronics America, Inc. recently announced the V850ES/Jx3-L low-power 32-bit All Flash[tm] microcontrollers (MCUs). The V850ES/Jx3-L mcus offer the lowest standby current in their class to help meet stringent power requirements in battery-backed multiphase electricity meters, high-end blood glucose meters, test and instrumentation equipment, point-of-sale systems and other high-end portable devices that demand high performance, low power consumption, and an extensive variety of integrated peripherals. Pricing varies according to memory configurations. For example, the 100-pin V850ES/JG3-L MCU with 256KB of flash memory and 16KB RAM is $6.00 each in sample quantities.

Backward compatibility with earlier generations of NEC Electronics’ V850[tm] All Flash MCUs provides designers with an easy upgrade path, while compatibility with other MCUs in the V850ES/Jx3 lineup, such as those introduced in September 2007, gives designers the flexibility to select from a variety of compatible devices with higher performance and up to one megabyte (MB) of on-chip memory.

The MCUs are available in 80- and 100-pin low-profile quad flat pack (LQFP) packages. The 80-pin LQFP is available in standard 14 x 14 millimeter (mm) or 12 x 12 mm sizes that further contribute to miniaturization in portable equipment. The 100-pin LQFP is available in fine-pitch 14 x 14 mm or 14 x 20 mm versions.

To further reduce component count and system cost, the MCUs include up to three UART channels, three I2C channels or five clock serial interface (CSI) channels, a built-in cyclic redundancy check (CRC) circuit, an advanced hardware multiplier for fast execution of algorithms and an external bus interface that supports expanded memory. One channel of 16-bit watchdog timer with a dedicated internal oscillator, a watch timer, up to 12 channels of 10-bit A/D conversion, up to two channels of 8-bit D/A conversion, a direct memory access (DMA) controller with four independent DMA channels, a two-level low-voltage detector, a real-time output port and an on-chip debugging circuit with interrupt functionality complete the MCUs’ highly integrated, highly efficient design.

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