Virage Logic emPROM Memory System

The emPROM Memory System, from Virage Logic Corporation (NASDAQ:VIRL), is a family of embedded multi-time programmable (MTP) non-volatile memory (NVM) for flexible program code storage in System-on-Chip (SoC) devices. Combining user-defined functionality with Virage Logic’s high-capacity read-only memory (ROM) and NOVeA Flash memory, emPROM provides secure, fully integrated embedded NVM for SoC designs requiring up to 16 Megabits of code storage and is manufactured on industry standard CMOS processes with no additional mask or process steps. Virage Logic’s emPROM Memory System is available now along with a 90nm reference design. The reference design includes a project license for a 1Mbit Via ROM, 4Kbit NOVeA 3.0, emPROM processor, RTL source code and documentation. emPROM pricing starts at $90,000.

emPROM Memory System - Virage Logic

The emPROM Memory System is ideal for high-volume consumer, industrial, automotive and military applications, emPROM is specified for a minimum of up to 100,000 program cycles with 10-year data retention at 125 degrees Celsius.

emPROM Memory System Features

  • High bit count embedded arrays on standard CMOS process
    • RTL, NOVeA and ROM require no additional mask or process steps
    • Density and cost advantages similar to ROM
    • In-system programming flexibility advantage similar to Flash
    • No process tuning required
  • Full testability advantage over OTP
    • OTP not feasible for high density w/o redundancy, repair and/or ECC
  • Manufactured on standard CMOS process(es)
    • No additional mask costs
    • No additional processing steps or wafer costs
  • Scales favorably to 90nm and below
    • Embedded Flash generally not available below 130nm
    • Difficult to port designs with embedded Flash
  • NOVeA Flash incorporates dual differential bit cell with Fowler-Nordheim NVM technology for highest yield and reliability
  • Reliable 10K/100K store cycles with 10 year data retention at 125°C
  • Available at leading foundries

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