AdaCore GNAT Pro for RTX

AdaCore GNAT Pro for RTX is an Ada Integrated Development Environment that enables programmers to produce real-time Ada applications on Microsoft Windows platforms. GNAT Pro for RTX supports two different modes: a Windows executable with memory protection, and a real-time subsystem that executes in kernel mode with hard, real-time behavior. This enhanced control and scalability helps simplify development of critical applications, including industrial automation, aerospace, and military systems. GNAT Pro for RTX is currently available as an add-on to users of AdaCore’s GNAT Pro development environment. Pricing for GNAT Pro subscriptions starts at $14,000.

RTX software from Ardence enables Windows systems to deliver hard, real-time performance. As a true extension, it does not interfere with or modify the Windows infrastructure. Developers can create user interfaces and applications that take advantage of all the functionality offered by Windows. A component that requires real-time control can first be developed and debugged as a Windows application and then recompiled as a real-time subsystem with no code changes.

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