News 2008.09.24

IntellaSys Announces SEAforth 40C18 Multicore Processor
IntellaSys® unveiled its industry-leading SEAforth® 40C18 multicore processor technology for next-generation embedded wireless, portable and distributed data processing applications. The SEAforth 40C18 is an array of 40 fully functional CPUs operating asynchronously on a monolithic die. Based on the IntellaSys Scalable Embedded Array[tm] (SEA) platform, the SEAforth 40C18 technology sets the performance paradigm of the future for high-speed parallel execution capabilities.

ASSET InterTech RIC-1000 Controller Conducts Test Over Internet
The new Remote Instrumentation Controller family from ASSET® InterTech is the industry’s first to apply JTAG/boundary scan tests directly over the Internet. The first member of the family, the RIC-1000 controller, connects locally to a circuit board or other unit under test (UUT) and remotely over Ethernet to an ASSET ScanWorks® embedded instrumentation platform. ASSET is the leading supplier of open tools for embedded instrumentation.

Synopsys Announces Incremental Signoff Quality Design Rule Checking
Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) announced the addition of incremental signoff-quality Design Rule Checking (DRC) and metal fill capability to IC Compiler. IC Compiler has accelerated hundreds of tapeouts across a broad range of technologies from 130-nm to 45-nm by providing correct-by-construction, DRC-clean layouts. Synopsys is now rolling out new technology to guard against corner-case DRC violations that can remain unnoticed until the final stages of physical verification, critically impacting the tapeout schedule.

VMETRO Introduces MFC700 6U VPX Buffer Memory Board
VMETRO, a leader in embedded computing solutions based on standards such as VXS, VPX, XMC and FMC that utilize multi-gigabit serial interconnects, announced the availability of the industry’s largest capacity 6U VPX buffer memory board. The MFC700 is a 6U VPX-REDI buffer memory node with support for up to 16GB of memory on the baseboard, dual XMC mezzanine sites and support for Serial RapidIO[tm] (sRIO) fabric. The MFC700 can be utilized in signal and image processing applications, as well as data recording subsystems.

CommAgility Rolls Out AMC-V5F Advanced Mezzanine Card
CommAgility announced the AMC-V5F, a single width, mid-size Advanced Mezzanine Card which includes a Xilinx® Virtex®-5 FPGA. The new module is ideal for the latest wireless baseband applications, and is also suitable for any high-performance processing application, particularly where optical interfacing or SRIO support is required. Dual SFP sockets for optical interfaces to the FPGA are provided on the front panel.

Synopsys Qualifies Saber, System Studio Products on Windows HPC Server
Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) announced that it has qualified its Saber® and System Studio products for high performance computing (HPC) on the Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 and is partnering with Microsoft in its HPC Global launch. Synopsys’ technology-leading design and verification tools leverage the power of the Windows HPC Server 2008-based environment to accelerate advanced electronic design.

MontaVista Vision 2008 Embedded Linux Developers Conference
MontaVista® Software, Inc. reminded embedded engineers that there is only one week left to register for the Vision 2008 Embedded Linux Developers Conference. Technical sessions will be presented by experts from MontaVista, ACCESS, Emerson Network Power, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Wipro, Xilinx, and other companies. Special events will include a full-day hands-on bootcamp on developing embedded Linux device drivers.