iWOW TR-900 GSM/GPRS Module

iWOW Connections recently introduced the TR-900 GSM/GPRS module. The new board is a member of the iWOW Wireless Connectivity Module family. TR-900 is designed with industry-leading performance, upgradeability, and a robust platform for easy development of customized applications. TR-900 utilized Texas Instruments LoCosto[tm] platform, based on their single-chip DRP[tm] technology, to provide enhanced user experience with added features and improvement in power management to the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market. Incorporating TI’s DRP technology enables TR-900 to be a cost effective and compact solution for applications like security & surveillance, automated meter reading, vending & retail and fleet management.

Optimized for use in M2M application, TR-900 has a strong software platform and is open to multiple configurations, offering customers more options and greater flexibility in catering to their specific application needs. Supporting a powerful integrated software environment, the module features firmware stacks such as TCP/IP, UDP/IP and FTP. In addition, TR-900 also offers optional services such as MMS stack and embedded programming, providing a versatile and flexible platform to facilitate customers’ application designs and development.

More info: iWOW Connections Pte Ltd