News 2008.09.23 Late Edition

Carbon Design Systems Announces Architectural Design Webinar
Carbon Design Systems[TM], the leading supplier of tools for the automatic creation, validation and deployment of virtual hardware models will debut a new 45-minute webinar, “Fast, Accurate Analysis of Architectural Decisions,” to demonstrate the process of modeling a complex system and offer ways to analyze the impact of design decisions on system behavior and performance.

USRobotics Upgrades SR2980-OEM, USR802981-OEM Embedded Controller Modems
USRobotics announced it has enhanced two of its most popular embedded controller modems to support Linux applications. The USR2980-OEM and USR802981-OEM dial-up modems are now compatible with Linux Kernels 2.4 and 2.6 as well as Microsoft[tm] Windows, for use in a wider range of applications – from lottery terminals to medical equipment – while providing high reliability, easy accessibility and minimal use of resources from the host system.

Sonics Announces Multichannel DRAM Subsystem for Video SoCs Webinar
Sonics Inc., a premier supplier of system-on-chip (SoC) SMART Interconnect[TM] solutions, announced a webinar on how a multichannel DRAM subsystem can provide a scalable and memory efficient solution for the next generation of video SoCs. This webinar will provide information that will be valuable to architects and SoC design engineers.

dSPACE, VaST Simulate Automotive Software on Virtual Hardware Platforms
dSPACE GmbH and VaST announced a collaboration to simulate automotive and AUTOSAR-compliant software on virtual hardware platforms. The goal of the collaboration is to closely couple dSPACE’s automotive software development tools TargetLink and SystemDesk with VaST’s virtualization tools COMET® and METeor®. Users of these tools can replace hardware prototypes with virtual system prototypes to simulate and validate automotive software applications on early in the design flow.

Silicon Integration Initiative Announces Common Power Format v1.1
The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) announced release of the Common Power Format (CPF) Version 1.1, incorporating major enhancements to the widely adopted low-power intent format. CPF 1.1 was approved by the Low Power Coalition (LPC).

MultiMediaCard Association, JEDEC Solid State Technology Association Merge
MultiMediaCard Association (MMCA) and JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (JEDEC) announced plans to merge certain MMCA assets, including embedded MMC (e-MMC) and miCARD specifications, trademarks and Intellectual Property rights, into JEDEC effective September 22, 2008. The merger follows a successful partnership forged during the development of the e-MMCv4.2 and v4.3 specifications.

Gleichmann Announces Applilet2 Configuration Software for NEC MCUs
Gleichmann Electronics offers immediate availability of free of charge to download building block configuration software for the latest generation 78K0 8-bit microcontrollers as well as the 78K0R 16-bit series of microcontrollers and the V850 32-bit microcontroller family. By means of a comfortable graphical user interface with simple dialog windows and menus, Applilet2 guarantees a fast configuration of microcontrollers.

Microcross Rolls Out GX-Linux Platform for Cogent CSB733 Development Kit
Microcross, Inc. releases a GX-Linux[tm] platform for the Cogent CSB733 with Freescale’s i.MX31 that is shipping from Cogent Computer Systems. The i.MX31 target processor is designed for low-power, low-cost, high performance products for multimedia applications, including portable devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, medical devices, industrial controls, kiosks, etc.