News 2008.09.22 Late Edition

IDT 9WDV3501 System Monitor Handles Multiple Processes Simultaneously
IDT® (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; NASDAQ: IDTI) is setting a new benchmark for system monitoring solutions for the industrial and computing markets. The company introduced a single-chip solution that monitors multiple computing processes simultaneously. The new system monitoring device is designed to watch the voltage, processor operation and temperature in any type of computing system, including servers, routers, storage area networks and POS registers.

Cypress PSoC NV Family Integrates SRAM, Programmable System on Chip
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:CY) introduced the industry’s first device to integrate a non-volatile static random access memory (nvSRAM) and a programmable system on chip. The new PSoC® NV family combines the flexible design capabilities of Cypress’s flagship PSoC architecture with an infinite endurance nvSRAM in a single package. PSoC NV devices integrate configurable analog and digital circuits, controlled by an on-chip microcontroller, providing both enhanced design revision capability and component count savings.

Intellitech Unveils Scan Ring Linker Multi-voltage JTAG Multiplexer
Intellitech Corporation has announced that it has shipped a new multi-voltage eight ring JTAG multiplexer called the Scan Ring Linker in a 16mm x 16mm VQ100 package to early adopters. The SRL lowers PCB costs and reduces engineering design time by eliminating pull-up/pull-down resistors, buffer ICs and voltage translators needed for designing and routing JTAG rings in complex PCBs and Systems, especially those with mezzanine cards.

Freescale Announces Automotive Power Architecture MCU Models from VaST
Freescale Semiconductor is expanding its development ecosystem to include virtual prototypes for its automotive Power Architecture® microcontroller (MCU) portfolio using modeling technology from VaST Systems. These virtual prototypes will enable automotive developers to tackle growing software intricacies and speed their time to market.

National Semiconductor Launches WEBENCH Sensor Designer Tool
National Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:NSM) introduced the industry’s first sensor signal path design tool that enables engineers to quickly move from concept to simulation to prototyping of common sensor solutions used in medical, industrial and high-end consumer products. The WEBENCH® Sensor Designer tool significantly reduces design time and cost by configuring a complete sensor signal path solution with just a few keystrokes.

Agilent Introduces HiSIM_HV Model Extraction Package for IC-CAP
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) announced the release of the HiSIM_HV Model Extraction Package for advanced high voltage metal oxide semiconductor (HVMOS) device models. The package, for use with Agilent’s Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program (IC-CAP) software platform, provides an easy-to-use, efficient and customizable method for measuring and extracting accurate parameter values for the HiSIM_HV device model.

Cadence Design Systems Announces IC 6.1.3 Release of Virtuoso Platform
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) announced the availability of the latest update (IC 6.1.3) to its next-generation Cadence® Virtuoso® custom IC design platform. Cadence continues to provide a complete solution enabling customers to design custom integrated circuits reliably and with a high level of productivity. This latest release incorporates new technology as well as significant performance improvements in existing technology, offering advanced solutions for the custom design of chips proven in production by dozens of customers.

IPextreme to Discuss IP Ecosystem at GSA IP Conference
Warren Savage, CEO of IPextreme®, Inc., will speak on an expert panel entitled “Understanding and Utilizing a Compatible IP Ecosystem” at the GSA IP Conference in Santa Clara on Thursday, September 25th. IPextreme packages, delivers and supports famous IP (intellectual property) designed by large semiconductor companies and used by system-on-chip (SoC) designers worldwide.