AMCC PowerPC 460GTx Embedded Processor

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (NASDAQ:AMCC) recently introduced the PowerPC 460GTx embedded processor. Based on the Power Architecture standard, the PowerPC 460GTx processor combines a performance optimized PowerPC core with a high-bandwidth memory and I/O subsystem to support demanding embedded processing applications. Protecting the software investment customers made in AMCC’s PowerPC 440 processor family, the PowerPC 460GTx provides a high- performance migration path for customers using the AMCC PowerPC 440GX and 460GT processors. Samples and evaluation kits of the PowerPC 460GTx will be available in 4Q08.

The PowerPC 460GTx offers advanced features including four Gigabit Ethernet ports with TCP/IP assist, 801.p- and q-compatible QoS, encryption/decryption engine, high-performance memory controller and high-speed I/O subsystem. The unique combination of high-performance features are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the networking, wireless infrastructure, and general purpose control applications.

The PowerPC 460GTx embedded processor features a PowerPC superscalar CPU core with clock frequencies ranging from 800MHz to 1.4GHz and performance of 2 DMIPS/MHz (2800DMIPS at 1.4GHz). The PowerPC 460GTx also contains a 512KB level 2 cache, DDR2-800 SDRAM controller, and a high-bandwidth, multichannel DMA controller. To support connectivity to the highest performance ASIC and FPGA devices, the 460GTx includes an 8-lane Gen 2 PCI Express interface, this interface can be bifurcated into two independent 4-lane Gen 2 PCI Express interfaces.

The 460GTx features two internal buses. The primary bus is a 128-bit two-way crossbar with simultaneous read/write operations from each bus segment supporting 12.8GBytes/s peak bandwidth. A secondary 128-bit bus with simultaneous read/write operation provides an additional 6.4GBytes/s for a combined total 19.2 GBytes/s of peak bandwidth. The bus topology enables concurrent read/write transactions between high speed I/Os, other peripherals, and memory.

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