Valicore vCoreServer Security Appliance

The vCoreServer Security Appliance, from Valicore Technologies, is an off-the-shelf solution for embedded system device authentication, secure server to device communications, and encryption key management. The Valicore vCoreServer reduces implementation times and costs associated with using cryptography for authentication and data privacy with embedded systems applications. The Valicore vCoreServer appliance comes in three configurations: Lite, for applications with 100 or fewer networked devices; Mid-Range, for networks with 5,000 connected devices; and Enterprise, for deployments that support several thousands to millions of embedded system devices in the network. vCoreServer prices start at $10,000 depending on configuration and options and the appliance is currently available for delivery.

The vCoreServer can be broadly deployed in any application utilizing special function terminals or embedded system devices including entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and transportation venues where device authentication and data privacy is important. Featuring Valicore’s patent-pending Secure Message Template Engine[tm] (SMTE), vCoreServer provides system implementers with an easy-to-configure method for establishing standard secure messaging protocols and custom messaging formats. The SMTE frees application developers from having to code complex message protocols and cryptographic functions into custom applications.

The vCoreServer features redundant performance technologies that make it ideal for applications that needs mission critical secure communications with large numbers of client devices. The vCoreServer offers an optional RAID 1 or RAID 5 storage array with hot swappable disk drives and power supplies, along with automatic failover to backup servers. All encrypted data stays secure and scalability assures users can meet their high performance needs.

In addition to the vCoreServer appliances storage and high availability features, the appliance provides users with an optional FIPS-140-2 certified HSM for more effective security processing.

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